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PVC pipes, marble, granite, red sandstone, cobblestone, and metal
Sculptures-Outdoor Sculpture
Administered by City and County of San Francisco San Francisco Arts Commission 25 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 240 San Francisco California 94102
Located Marina Jetty Near the Golden Gate and Saint Francis Yacht Clubs, Marina Boulevard between Lyon & Fillmore Streets San Francisco California
Sept. 1985-1986
Save Outdoor Sculpture, California, San Francisco survey, 1992.
Image on file.
San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. 26, 1989.
By Peter Richards and George Gonzalez,/with Thomas Lipps, William Rivera, Joe Tate,/and Charles Whitefield. Sponsored by the/Exploratorium and Dedicated to Frank/Oppenheimer (1912-1985), Founder and Di-/rector./Sound is created by the motion of waves.../The Stone used in the construction of this/work was once part of a cemetary in Laurel/Heights. The Jetty forming the Marina Yacht/Harbor was partially built with the material/taken from that cemetary, which was demol-/lished in the 1950's.//Major funding for the project was provided by/Mrs. Phyllis Wattis, Ruby Sisson Trust,/San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund,/The California Arts Council, The National Endowment for the/Arts, the Rockefeller Foundation, The Flintridge/Foundation, and the Bothin Foundation./Additional funding was provided by the C./David Robinson Family, Kathy and Tom/McKenna, California Tamarack Foundation,/and the Dilexi Foundation. The San Fran-/cisco Conservation Corps, Sheedy Drayage,/Bode Gravel, Kaiser Sand and Gravel, and/Clementina Corporation provided in-kind/donations. A special thanks to Jack Russel unsigned
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An underwater pipe organ. It is comprised of 25 open-ended PVC pipes sunk into the water below a three-tiered granite terrace. The pipes are cut to various lengths to produce different frequencies. Turbulence of water in the pipes activates harmonics for almost a fugue-like effect. Carved stone is arranged to create an atmosphere evocative of the ruins of a Greek amphitheater, creating a protected but open space. The pipes terminate in metal-capped funnels, evocative of the trumpet-shaped funnels for venting lower decks on a ship. These funnels and enclosed pipe ends are located in scattered locations on the granite tiers.
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IAS CA000987
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Art Inventories Catalog, Smithsonian American Art Museums