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Weber, Jurgen 1928-  Search this
Unknown (Berlin, Germany)  Search this
Sculpture: bronze; Base: concrete
Sculptures-Outdoor Sculpture
Administered by United States Department of the Interior National Park Service Washington District of Columbia
Located John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Entrance Washington District of Columbia 20566
Save Outdoor Sculpture, District of Columbia survey, 1994.
Goode, James M., "The Outdoor Sculpture of Washington, D.C., A Comprehensive Historical Guide," Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1974, pg. 481-482.
Relief on the west side of the plaza at the entrance to the Kennedy Center is a tableau of people, buildings, and objects which represent the German artist's image of America. From left to right the images depicted are: a group of nude figures all reaching up toward sacks of wheat which are being unloaded from a U.S. ship docked at a nearby wharf (represents American foreign aid and the idea of survival); flanked by classical columns, five nude males stand around debating each other (represents free speech); large car bumpers with teeth for grills (represents technology); skyscrapers adorned with the phrases, "DONT WALK," "SOFT SELL," "PEACE ON EARTH," "BLESSED ARE THE MEEK," and large heads, lips, and eyes (represents the consumer apt to be persuaded by advertisers); Statue of Liberty standing in the midst of billowing clouds of smoke and flames, to her proper left, there are a group of flags, cannons pointing out from the bow of a ship, and a rocket taking off (represents threats to liberty).
Allegory--Place--America  Search this
Allegory--Quality--Poverty  Search this
Allegory--Other--Survival  Search this
Allegory--Quality--Charity  Search this
Allegory--Civic--Liberty  Search this
Disaster--Fire  Search this
Figure group--Nude  Search this
Figure--Fragment--Face  Search this
Architecture--Commercial--Skyscraper  Search this
Architecture--Detail--Column  Search this
Architecture--Boat  Search this
Architecture--Vehicle--Automobile  Search this
Architecture--Vehicle--Spacecraft  Search this
Object--Foodstuff  Search this
Object--Other--Flag  Search this
Object--Weapon--Cannon  Search this
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IAS DC000053
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Art Inventories Catalog, Smithsonian American Art Museums