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Peccini, Tommaso  Search this
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Eggers Group Architects  Search this
George A. Fuller Company  Search this
John XXIII  Search this
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Sculptures-Outdoor Sculpture
Cathedral of Saint Joseph 140 Farmington Avenue Over main entrance Hartford Connecticut 06105
Save Outdoor Sculpture, Connecticut survey, 1993.
Image on file.
The Hartford Courant, March 29, 1962, pg. 1.
The information provided about this artwork was compiled as part of the Smithsonian American Art Museum's Inventories of American Painting and Sculpture database, designed to provide descriptive and location information on artworks by American artists in public and private collections worldwide.
Three high relief panels above the entrance to a cathedral featuring a monumental depiction of Saint Joseph flanked by other, smaller figures. A full-length figure of Saint Joseph stands in the center of the middle panel with his arms outstretched. He is barefoot, has a halo behind his head, and is wearing a full-length robe. Behind him and appearing beneath his proper right arm is a depiction of Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome, with Saint Joseph's Cathedral of Hartford to his proper left. In front and to the proper right of Saint Joseph are a standing priest, a standing figure of Pope John XXIII, and a kneeling nun, all of whom appear to be praying to Saint Joseph. Each wears ecclesiastical clothing appropriate to their office, as does the figure of the archbishop, who, with a family of a man, woman and small child, are in front and to the proper left of Saint Joseph. The archbishop stands with his proper right arm extended forward and downward, while his proper left hand holds a crosier. The woman holds the small child in her arms. The panels on either side each depict four people representative of the different peoples of the world. At the top of each of the side panels is an angel with outspread wings grasping fabric serving as the backdrop to the panels.
Religion--Saint--St. Joseph  Search this
Portrait male--Full length  Search this
Occupation--Religion--Pope  Search this
Occupation--Religion--Archbishop  Search this
Occupation--Religion--Clergy  Search this
Occupation--Religion--Nun  Search this
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Dress--Accessory--Hat  Search this
Dress--Accessory--Cane  Search this
Architecture exterior--Religious--St. Peter's Basilica  Search this
Architecture exterior--Religious--St. Joseph's Cathedral  Search this
Architecture exterior--Religious--Church  Search this
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IAS CT000160
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Art Inventories Catalog, Smithsonian American Art Museums