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Unknown (Italian)  Search this
Architectural firm:
Heins & La Farge  Search this
Lower basin and base: red granite; Four figure groups: Istrian marble; Basin grotesques: bronze; Base: concrete
Sculptures-Outdoor Sculpture
Administered by New York Zoological Society Bronx New York 10460
Located Bronx Zoo Department of Exhibition and Graphic Arts 185th Street & Southern Boulevard Fountain Circle Parking Bronx New York 10460
Early 18th century. Installed 1902. Relocated 1910. Reinstalled 1910
Save Outdoor Sculpture, New York, New York survey, 1993.
The base of the fountain, an enormous bowl, rests in the center of a concrete foundation and drainage basin which is enclosed by a low granite curb. On the rim are four large shells each containing a cherubic urchin astride a sea horse. The shells are each supported by either a mermaid or a neptune figure. Between these groupings are four bronze "grotesque" heads. Rising from the center is a shaft composed of 3 elements: a bed of rocks on which three sea monsters sit, their serpentine tails entwined around the stem which supports a saucer; the saucer contains an ornately carved stem which supports a smaller saucer which holding a goose from whose outstretched beak water spouts skyward to trickle down over the saucers into the basin thirty feet below.
Object--Other--Shell  Search this
Figure--Child  Search this
Animal  Search this
Literature--Character--Mermaid  Search this
Mythology--Classical--Neptune  Search this
Fantasy--Monster  Search this
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IAS NY000168
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Art Inventories Catalog, Smithsonian American Art Museums