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Miller, Richard d. 1874  Search this
Aberdeen Marble Yard  Search this
Sculpture: marble; Base: granite; Foundation: brick covered by concrete
Sculptures-Outdoor Sculpture
Administered by City of Aberdeen Cemetery Department 125 West Commerce Street Aberdeen Mississippi 39730
Located Old Aberdeen Municipal Cemetery Aberdeen Mississippi 39730
Save Outdoor Sculpture, Mississippi survey, 1992.
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(On front lower corner of marker:) R. MILLER, COLUM. (On front of marker:) TO/THE MEMORY OF/MRS. JANE MARTIN DALTON/BORN IN NEWBERN N.C./SEPT. 3RD 1811,/DIED AT ABERDEEN/JAN. 6TH 1852./"There anchored safe my weary/soul shall find eternal rest"/her last words in the (...illegible)./By her zeal and extraordinary/personal effort St. John's Church/was founded: May it long remain/a monument to which her/surviving friends may fondly join/St. James Church in Livingston, Ala/also was founded by her pious labors./Her name is written in the/Church of the First Born/in Heaven. Erected to her virtues, by the/Love and respect of her surviving husband/A.D. 1853/EDIFICAVIT signed
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Two gravemarkers which share the same foundation. The gravemarker for Mrs. Jane Martin Dalton (1811-1852), the mother, has a carved relief of a central Gothic arch and 3 smaller arches. Below these central arches is a relief depicting St. John's Episcopal Church (ca. 1851-1853), prior to the 1870's raising the pitch of the church roof. On the same base, is a smaller marker for Mrs. Jane Henderson Dalton (1844-1845), the daughter of Mrs. Jane Martin Dalton. The daughter's marker also has a central Gothic arch beneath three smaller arches.
Homage--Dalton, Jane Martin  Search this
Homage--Dalton, Jane Henderson  Search this
Architecture exterior--Religious--Church  Search this
Architecture exterior--Religious--St. John's Episcopal Church  Search this
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IAS MS000021
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Art Inventories Catalog, Smithsonian American Art Museums