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Philadelphia Museum of Art Pediment, (sculpture)

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Jennewein, C. Paul 1890-1978  Search this
Zantzinger, C. Clark Jr. 1904-  Search this
Trumbauer, Horace  Search this
Solon, Leon V.  Search this
Atlantic Terra Cotta Company  Search this
Sculpture: Polychrome terra cotta covered with ceramic glazes
Sculptures-Outdoor Sculpture
Philadelphia Museum of Art 26th Street & Benjamin Franklin Parkway North Pediment Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19130
1932. Installed 1932
Index of American Sculpture, University of Delaware, 1985
City of Philadelphia, 1973.
Fairmount Park Art Assoc., "Sculpture of a City: Philadelphia's Treasures in Bronze & Stone," NY: Walker Publ., 1974, pg. 286.
Bach, Penny Balkin, "Public Art in Philadelphia," Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1992, pg. 220.
Save Outdoor Sculpture, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia survey, 1993.
The pediment contains thirteen figures of classical mythology which illustrate the theme of sacred and profane love in Western civilization. The central figure is Zeus, ruler of the gods. He stands holding a sphere in his proper right hand and a scepter in his proper left hand. His nude figure is draped with a piece of fabric and a decorative band across his chest. On his head he wears a crown. To his proper left is Demeter, protector of marriage, holding the hand of the child Triptolemus whom she rescued from a mortal illness. Next is Ariadne; Theseus slaying the Minotaur; and the beast Python. To the proper right of Zeus, is Aphrodite, goddess of love, and her son, Eros; Hippomenes in the form of a lion; Adonis; Nous (the mind); and Eos, goddess of the dawn. Eos turns away from the owl, bird of the night, which is located on the end of the pediment.
Figure group  Search this
Mythology--Classical--Zeus  Search this
Mythology--Classical--Demeter  Search this
Mythology--Classical--Python  Search this
Mythology--Classical--Aphrodite  Search this
Mythology--Classical--Ariadne  Search this
Mythology--Classical--Theseus  Search this
Mythology--Classical--Minotaur  Search this
Mythology--Classical--Triptolemus  Search this
Mythology--Classical--Cupid  Search this
Mythology--Classical--Adonis  Search this
Mythology--Classical--Nous  Search this
Mythology--Classical--Hippomenes  Search this
Mythology--Classical--Eos  Search this
Animal--Bird--Owl  Search this
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IAS 75009273
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Art Inventories Catalog, Smithsonian American Art Museums