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Bureau of American Ethnology-Smithsonian Institution Illustrations 1880s-1960s

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Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology  Search this
Brooke, Richard Norris  Search this
Clark, May S  Search this
Gill, Mary Wright  Search this
Holmes, William Henry 1846-1933  Search this
MacDonald, Harold  Search this
MacCauley, Clay 1843-1925  Search this
Mindeleff, Victor 1860-1948  Search this
Nichols, Hobart 1869-1962  Search this
Sawyer, Wells 1863-1960  Search this
Stevenson, Matilda Coxe 1850-1915  Search this
Willoughby, Alice Estelle  Search this
Densmore, Frances  Search this
Drucker, Philip 1911  Search this
Fenton, William Nelson  Search this
Gann, Thomas  Search this
Gillin, John Philip  Search this
Heizer, Robert Fleming 1915-1979  Search this
Hilger, Marie Inez Sister 1891-1977  Search this
Hrdlička, Aleš 1869-1943  Search this
Petersen, Karen Daniels  Search this
Roberts, Frank H. H (Frank Harold Hanna) 1897-1966  Search this
Shimkin, Demitri Boris  Search this
Spencer, Robert F  Search this
Steggerda, Morris  Search this
Stirling, Matthew Williams 1896-1975  Search this
Webb, William S (William Snyder) 1882-1964  Search this
Weiant, C. W (Clarence Wolsey) 1897-1986  Search this
Thiel, Philip  Search this
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2898 items
Nootkan archeology  Search this
Chippewa  Search this
Eskimos  Search this
American Indians  Search this
Pueblo Indians  Search this
Shoshoni Indians  Search this
Arapaho Indians  Search this
Seneca  Search this
Quichua  Search this
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Indians of North America Great Basin  Search this
Indians of North America Northeast  Search this
Ojibwa Indians  Search this
Indians of North America Great Plains  Search this
Indians of North America Southwest, New  Search this
Collection descriptions
Whitewater District, Arizona
Norris Basin, Alabama
Tres Zapotes
Original drawings are described in a computer-produced catalog of artwork.
Records on SIRIS (not linked to this record) describing the items.
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By publication
The collection includes many of the original drawings and paintings, charts, maps, and photographs prepared for the Bureau of American Ethnology publications. Some materials used in other anthropological publications of the Smithsonian are also present. Some proofs and other material are included. Included is artwork, preliminary sketches or finished illustrations, by Richard Norris Brooke, May S. Clark, Mary Wright Gill, William Henry Holmes, Harold MacDonald, Clay MacCauley, Victor Mindeleff, Henry Hobart Nichols, Jr., Wells Moses Sawyer, Matilda Coxe Stevenson, and Alice Estelle Willoughby.
There are also photographs by or used by Frances Densmore (Pueblo), Philip Drucker (Nootkan and Mexican archeology), William Nelson Fenton (Seneca), Thomas Gann (Corozal District of British Honduras), John Philip Gillin (Quichua), Robert Fleming Heizer (Indian poisons), Sister Marie Inez Hilger (Arapaho), Ales Hrdlicka, Karen Daniels Petersen (Chippewa), Frank Harold Hanna Roberts, Jr. (Whitewater District of Arizona), Demitri Boris Shimkin (Shoshoni), Robert F. Spencer (Eskimo), Morris Steggerda (Yucatan), Matthew Williams Stirling, William Snyder Webb (Norris Basin), and Clarence Wolsey Weiant (Tres Zapotes).
The filing of original artwork for publications has not been consistent. Several other series of similar materials are described in other entries. There is also illustrative artwork in the manuscript and pamphlet file of the Division of Ethnology, the series of numbered manuscripts, the records of the River Basin Surveys (entry 69), and several of the photographic (illustration) lots. There are also such illustrations in the papers and photographic collections of several individuals.
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National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, Maryland
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Certain photographs will be copied only with the permission of the photographers
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Bureau of American Ethnology-Smithsonian Institution Illustrations 1880s-1960s
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