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Exhibit labels and miscellaneous other material 1870s-1950s

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National Museum of Natural History (U.S.) Department of Anthropology  Search this
Mason, Otis Tufton 1838-1908  Search this
Hough, Walter 1859-1935  Search this
Holmes, William Henry 1846-1933  Search this
Brown, J. T  Search this
McCartee, Divie Bethune  Search this
Hitchcock, Romyn 1851-1923  Search this
Flugel, Felix  Search this
Stevenson, Matilda Coxe 1850-1915  Search this
Smith, J. Mott  Search this
Goward, Gustavus  Search this
Abbott, William Louis 1860-1936  Search this
Rhees, William Jones  Search this
Noyes, Crosby S  Search this
Mason, Otis Tufton 1838-1908  Search this
World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition (1884-1885 : New Orleans, La.)  Search this
Centennial Exhibition (1876 : Philadelphia, Pa.)  Search this
Physical description:
7.5 feet
Japanese clothing  Search this
Melanesian artifacts  Search this
Zuni prayer plumes  Search this
Japanese drawings  Search this
Japanese fire engines  Search this
Turkish jugs  Search this
Japanese fans  Search this
Dyak weapons  Search this
Galla baskets  Search this
American Indian linguistics  Search this
Baluba ethnobotany  Search this
Japanese  Search this
Indians of North America Southwest, New  Search this
Exhibit labels
Catalog cards
Latin America
Central African Republic
Mostly unarranged Series
Includes printed exhibit labels, some drafts of labels, and proof copies of labels. Also includes catalog cards, lists, notes, letters, manuscripts, newspaper clippings, and other material.
There are several different styles of labels included. Many of them incorporate such data as the name of an object, tribe, collecto, date of collection, and catalog number. Some include relatively long descriptions concerning the manufacture, use, or history of the item. Some were apparently collected as samples of labels ordered by William Henry Holmes. Otherwise, there is little information about the provenience of the labels.
Other material includes catalogs of cooper's tools connected with whaling that were collected by J. T. Brown, in 1882; to material collected by Divie Bethune McCartee; to Romyn Hitchcock's collection of Japanese clothing; to Melanesian collections received from Felix Flugel; to Zuni praher plumes collected by Matilda Coxe Stevenson; to material collected by J. Mott Smith for the New Orleans Exposition; and to Japanese sketches collected by Gustavus Goward. There are also descriptions of individual specimens, including a Japanese fire engine, Turkish jugs exhibited at the Centennial Exposition, a Japanese fan collected by Hitchcock, a Dyak tool for projecting stones collected by William Louis Abbott; and a basket made by a Galla woman living
on the Seychelles. Still other documents include biographical sketches and obituaries of Otis tufton Mason and material relating to a memoria service for him; Mason's statements on the deaths of William J. Rhees and Crosby S. Noyes; Mason's "Comparative Grammaer of North American Indians" (notes); and Walter Hough's notes on beds, foods of Latin America, and Baluba plant uses. Many of the catalog cards concern musical instruments.
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National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, Maryland
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