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U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Bird and Mammal Laboratories  Search this
Bailey, Vernon 1864-1942  Search this
Nelson, Edward William 1855-1934  Search this
Baker, Arthur B  Search this
Barrett, Charles H. M  Search this
Becker, Robert H  Search this
Bretherton, Bernard Joseph  Search this
Bunnell, A. S  Search this
Cantwell, George G  Search this
Cary, Merritt 1880-1918  Search this
Colburn, Albert Ernest  Search this
Coleman, George A  Search this
Coolidge, Dane 1873-1940  Search this
Dice, Lee R  Search this
Donald, Gordon  Search this
Dutcher, Basil Hicks  Search this
Eastgate, Alfred  Search this
Ellsworth, Lincoln 1880-1951  Search this
Fisher, R. T  Search this
Forbes, Waldo E  Search this
Gaut, James H  Search this
Giovannoli, Leonard  Search this
Goldman, Edward Alphonso 1873-1946  Search this
Goldman, Luther C  Search this
Goldman, Luther J  Search this
Green, Morris M  Search this
Gutsell, James Squier 1887-  Search this
Hanna, G. Dallas 1887-1970  Search this
Hardisty, A. H  Search this
Harper, Francis 1886-1972  Search this
Heller, Edmund 1875-1939  Search this
Hoy, Charles M  Search this
Jameson, L. G  Search this
Keeler, C. A  Search this
Koch, Fred W  Search this
Lantz, David Ernest  Search this
Little, Luther  Search this
McLellan, J. Ellis  Search this
Marshall, William H (William Hampton)  Search this
Murie, Olaus Johan 1889-1963  Search this
Osgood, Wilfred Hudson 1875-1947  Search this
Preble, Edward Alexander 1871-1957  Search this
Richmond, Charles Wallace 1868-1932  Search this
Rorebeck, C. G  Search this
Rowley, Charles P  Search this
Sheldon, Charles  Search this
Stephens, Frank  Search this
Stevenson, Donald H  Search this
Streator, Clark Perkins  Search this
Streeter, Daniel Denison  Search this
Surber, Mcclure  Search this
Thompson, Russell J  Search this
Trapier, Paul E  Search this
Trowbridge, Albert H  Search this
Turner, J. H  Search this
Vars, Harold N  Search this
Weller, A. E  Search this
Wetmore, Alexander 1886-1978  Search this
Williams, Henry V  Search this
Wyman, Luther Everet  Search this
Fisher, A. K (Albert Kenrick) 1856-1948  Search this
Howell, Arthur H (Arthur Holmes) 1872-1940  Search this
Burleigh, Thomas D (Thomas Dearborn) 1895-  Search this
Anthony, H. E (Harold Elmer) 1890-1970  Search this
Dearborn, Ned  Search this
Ferry, John Farwell -1910  Search this
Fisher, Walter K (Walter Kenrick) 1878-1953  Search this
Gabrielson, Ira Noel 1889-1977  Search this
Grange, Wallace B (Wallace Byron) 1905-1987  Search this
Hall, E. Raymond (Eugene Raymond) 1902-1986  Search this
Handley, Charles O (Charles Overton) 1924-2000  Search this
Hanna, Marcus A (Marcus Albert) 1898-1978  Search this
Higginson, A. Henry (Alexander Henry) 1876-1958  Search this
Hollister, N (Ned) 1876-1924  Search this
Holt, Ernest Golsan 1889-  Search this
Howell, A. Brazier (Alfred Brazier) 1886-1961  Search this
Jackson, Hartley H. T (Hartley Harrad Thompson) 1881-1976  Search this
Jewett, Stanley G (Stanley Gordon) 1885-  Search this
Kellogg, Remington 1892-1969  Search this
Laing, Hamilton M (Hamilton Mack) 1883-1982  Search this
McMurry, Frank B  Search this
Malleis, Harry  Search this
Oberholser, Harry C (Harry Church) 1870-1963  Search this
Palmer, T. S (Theodore Sherman) 1868-1955  Search this
Peck, Morton Eaton 1871-  Search this
Peters, James Lee 1889-1952  Search this
Piper, Stanley E (Stanley Edward)  Search this
Sheldon, H. H (Henry Hargrave) 1883-  Search this
Taylor, Walter P (Walter Penn) 1888-1972  Search this
Walcott, Charles D (Charles Doolittle) 1850-1927  Search this
United States Bureau of Biological Survey  Search this
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Bird and Mammal Laboratories  Search this
Physical description:
34.34 cu. ft. (34.34 non-standard size boxes)
Field notes
Collection descriptions
For a description of the record series of which these materials form a part, refer to the "Forms part of" above.
This collection includes field journals and specimen catalogs from multiple collectors who worked for the Fish and Wildlife Services' Bird and Mammal Laboratories. Field books were created by an extensive number of individuals, collecting across the majority of the United States as well as parts of Mexico and Canada. Some of the work documented occurred before the creation of the Fish and Wildlife Service in its current form, and includes work completed under auspices of the United States Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Biological Survey. The collection includes a large number of journals by Vernon Orlando Bailey, Albert Kenrick Fisher, Arthur Holmes Howell, and Edward William Nelson. Other collectors include: Harold Elmer Anthony, Arthur B. Baker, Charles H. M. Barrett, Robert H. Becker, Clarence Birdseye, Bernard Joseph Bretherton, Clement Samuel Brimley, A. S. Bunnell, Thomas Dearborn Burleigh, George G. Cantwell, Merritt Cary, Albert Ernest Colburn, George A. Coleman, Dane Coolidge, Ned Dearborn, Lee R. Dice, Gordon Donald, Basil Hicks Dutcher, Alfred Eastgate, Lincoln Ellsworth, John Farwell Ferry, R. T. Fisher, Walter Kenrick Fisher, Waldo E. Forbes, Ira Noel Gabrielson, James H. Gaut, Leonard Giovannoli, Edward Alphonso Goldman, Luther C. Goldman, Luther J. Goldman, Wallace Byron Grange, Morris M. Green, James Squier Gutsell, Eugene Raymond Hall, Charles O. Handley, Marcus Albert Hanna, G. Dallas Hanna, A. H. Hardisty, Francis Harper, Edmund Heller, A. Henry Higginson, Ned Hollister, Ernest Golsan Holt, Alfred Brazier Howell, Charles M. Hoy, Hartley H. T. Jackson, L. G. Jameson, Stanley Gordon Jewett, C. A. Keeler, A. Remington Kellogg, Fred W. Koch, Hamilton M. Laing, David Ernest Lantz, Luther Little, J. Ellis McLellan, Frank B. McMurry, Harry Malleis, William Hampton Marshall, Olaus Johan Murie, Harry Church Oberholser, Wilfred Hudson Osgood, Theodore Sherman Palmer, Morton Eaton Peck, James Lee Peters, Stanley E. Piper, Edward Alexander Preble, Charles Wallace Richmond, C. G. Rorebeck, Charles P. Rowley, Charles Sheldon, H. H. Sheldon, Frank Stephens, Donald H. Stevenson, Clark Perkins Streator, Daniel Denison Streeter, Mcclure Surber, Walter P. Taylor, Russell J. Thompson, Paul E. Trapier, Albert H. Trowbridge, J. H. Turner, Harold N. Vars, Charles D. Walcott, A. E. Weller, Alexander Wetmore, Henry V. Williams, and Luther Everet Wyman.
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Smithsonian Institution Archives Capital Gallery, Suite 3000, MRC 507; 600 Maryland Avenue, SW; Washington, DC 20024-2520
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SIA Acc. 12-443
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