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Beautiful Beyond: Christian Songs in Native Languages [sound recording]

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Bass, Howard  Search this
Winch, Terence  Search this
National Museum of the American Indian (U.S.)  Search this
Petarsey United Methodist Church (Lawton, Okla.)  Search this
DeLaune, Dorothy Whitehorse  Search this
Cedar Creek Church Carnegie, Okla.)  Search this
Tsoodle, Fred 1919-2006  Search this
Starr, Moses  Search this
Hart, Craig Lee  Search this
Olds, Nalani  Search this
Aspelund, Maulilola  Search this
Robert, Liz  Search this
Shenandoah, Joanne  Search this
Thompson, Kathleen  Search this
Mauldin, Margaret  Search this
Jumper, Betty Mae 1923-2011  Search this
Brown, Nancy  Search this
Brown, Mark  Search this
Calhoun, Walker  Search this
Emery, Steve  Search this
Cheyenne River Mission Singers  Search this
Rainy Mountain Church (Okla.)  Search this
Tewa Indian Women's Choir of San Juan Pueblo  Search this
Saint Herman's Seminary Octet  Search this
Kykotsmovi Mennonite Church Choir  Search this
Oneida Hymn Singers  Search this
Ojibwe Hymn Singers  Search this
Martin Sisters  Search this
Akwesasne Singers  Search this
Cherokee Baptist Choir  Search this
Kingfisher Trio (Musical group)  Search this
Choctaw Community Singers  Search this
Long Family  Search this
Saved by Grace Choir  Search this
TeecNocPos Gospel singers  Search this
Physical description:
1 sound disc : digital ; 4 3/4 in
Indians of North America  Search this
Americans  Search this
Canadians  Search this
Comanche Indians  Search this
Kiowa Indians  Search this
Cheyenne Indians  Search this
Tewa Indians  Search this
Yupik Eskimos  Search this
Hawaiians  Search this
Hopi Indians  Search this
Oneida Indians  Search this
Ojibwa Indians  Search this
Mohawk Indians  Search this
Akwesasne Mohawk  Search this
Cherokee Indians  Search this
Creek Indians  Search this
Choctaw Indians  Search this
Seminole Indians  Search this
Navajo Indians  Search this
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe  Search this
Musical sound recordings
United States
Santa Fe (N.M.)
New Mexico
New York
Leech Lake Indian Reservation (Minn.)
Six Nations Indian Reserve No. 40 (Ont.)
North Carolina
South Dakota
Sung in Comanche, Kiowa, Cheyenne, Tewa, Yu'pik, Hawaiian, Hopi, Oneida, Ojibwe, Mohawk, Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Navajo or Lakota. Notes: Compact disc. Historical and ethnological program notes by W. Richard West Jr., Gerald L. Hill, Edward Wapp Wahpeconiah, and Howard Bass (25 p. : ill.) in container.
Table of contents:
Comanche hymn (2:12) ; Comanche hymn (1:47) (Members of Petarsey United Methodist Church) (Comanche) -- Kiowa prayer song (Dorothy Whitehorse Delaune) (:38) ; Kiowa hymn (Members of Cedar Creek Church) (2:31) ; Hymn / Goomdah (Members of Rainy Mountain Church) (2:53) -- Cheyenne hymn (Moses Starr, Craig Lee Hart) (Southern Cheyenne) (2:41) -- Tewa Mass. Lord have mercy (Tewa Women's Choir) (San Juan Pueblo) (1:13) -- Lord I call (:54) ; Having beheld the resurrection (1:19) ; Blessed be thy name (:46) (St. Herman's Seminary Octet) (Yup'ik) -- Ke aloha o ka haku = LiliEuokalani's prayer (Nalani Olds) (1:55) -- HoEonani (Nalani Olds and Mauliola Aspelund) (:48) (Native Hawaiian) -- Silent night (Kykotsmovi Mennonite Church Choir) (Hopi) (2:13) -- On the beautiful beyond (Oneida Hymn Singers) (3:08) -- In the sweet by and by (Ojibwe Hymn Signers) (Leech Lake Ojibwe) (2:02) -- Rock of ages (Maisie Shenandoah, Liz Robert, Joanne Shenandoah) (Oneida) (3:11) -- 'Twill be glory by and by (the Martin Sisters) (Mohawk/Six Nations Reserve) (2:58) -- Ise iesos sewenniio = Wedding prayer hymn (Kathleen Thompson) (Mohawk/ Akwesasne Reserve) (2:44) -- Takwaienha = The Lord's prayer (Akwesasne Mohawk Singers) (2:47) -- Wonderful place (Cherokee Choir) (Cherokee Nation) (1:40) -- Orphan child (Cherokee Choir and Cherokee National Youth Choir (2:35) -- That heavenly home (the Kingfisher Trio) (Cherokee) (2:25) -- Believing and praying (Margaret Mauldin) (Creek) (2:39) -- Sinners can you hate the Savior? (Choctaw Community Singers) (2:38) -- Jesus made the road (Betty Mae Jumper) (Seminole) (1:13) -- At the cross (Nancy and Mark Brown) (1:30) ; Guide me, Jehovah (Walker Calhoun) (2:33) ; Heavenly home (the Long Family) (2:50) (Eastern Band Cherokee) -- On the Jericho Road (3:29) ; Amazing grace (1:31) (Saved by Grace Choir) ; Sweet hour of prayer (TeecNosPos Gospel Melody) (3:03) (Navajo) -- Jesus loves even me (Steve Emery) (Cheyenne River Sioux) (1:44) -- Communion of the saints (Cheyenne River Mission Singers) (Sioux) (3:00)
Track information:
101 Comanche hymn / Petarsey United Methodist Church (Lawton, Okla.). Comanche language
102 Comanche hymn / Petarsey United Methodist Church (Lawton, Okla.). Comanche language
103 Kiowa prayer song / Dorothy Whitehorse DeLaune. Kiowa language
104 Kiowa hymn / Cedar Creek Church Carnegie, Okla.). Kiowa language
105 Hymn composed by Goomdah / Rainy Mountain Church (Okla.), Fred Tsoodle. Kiowa language
106 Cheyenne hymn / Moses Starr, Craig Lee Hart. Cheyenne language
107 Tewa mass. Lord have mercy / Tewa Indian Women's Choir of San Juan Pueblo.
108 Lord I call / Saint Herman's Seminary Octet
109 Having beheld the Resurrection / Saint Herman's Seminary Octet
110 Blessed be thy name / Saint Herman's Seminary Octet
111 Ke Aloha O Ka Haku : Lili'uokalani's prayer / Nalani Olds
112 Ho'onani / Nalani Olds, Maulilola Aspelund
113 Silent night / Kykotsmovi Mennonite Church Choir. Hopi language
114 On the beautiful beyond / Oneida Hymn Singers
115 In the sweet by and by / Ojibwe Hymn Singers. Ojibwa language
116 Rock of ages / Liz Robert, Joanne Shenandoah. Guitar
117 'Twill be glory by and by / Martin Sisters
118 Ise Iesos Sewenniio : Wedding prayer hymn / Kathleen Thompson
119 Takwaienha : The Lord's Prayer / Akwesasne Singers
120 Wonderful place / Cherokee Baptist Choir. Cherokee language
121 Orphan child / Cherokee Baptist Choir. Cherokee language
122 That heavenly home / Kingfisher Trio (Musical group). Cherokee language
123 Believing and praying / Margaret Mauldin
124 Sinners can you hate the savior? / Choctaw Community Singers. Choctaw language
125 Jesus made the road / Betty Mae Jumper. Seminole language
126 At the cross / Nancy Brown, Mark Brown. Cherokee language
127 Guide me, Jehovah / Walker Calhoun. Cherokee language
128 Heavenly home / Long Family. Cherokee language
129 On the Jericho road / Saved by Grace Choir. Navajo language
130 Amazing grace / Saved by Grace Choir. Navajo language
131 Sweet hour of prayer / TeecNocPos Gospel singers. Navajo language
132 Jesus loves even me / Steve Emery
133 Communion of the saints / Cheyenne River Mission Singers
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