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Songs of the Earth/ Chants de la terre [sound recording]

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Dagar, Nasir Aminuddin Khan 1924-  Search this
Dagar, Moinuddin  Search this
Toonoo, Napache Etidloie  Search this
Baijanova, Nazira 1930-  Search this
Daoud, Evelynei  Search this
Jouk, Rosa  Search this
Tchijouk, Lioudmilla  Search this
Dorodko, Maria  Search this
Orlenin, Tatiana  Search this
Shogol, Nadeshda  Search this
Rupkina, Ianka  Search this
Pfänder, Ernst  Search this
Mageeta, Elijah Pudloo  Search this
Meekeega, Quanak Martha  Search this
Pootogook, Napache Samaejuk  Search this
Sundul  Search this
Dagar Brothers  Search this
Physical description:
1 sound disc : digital ; 4 3/4 in
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Musical sound recordings
Bali (Indonesia : Province)
Khovd AiÌ mag (Mongolia)
Khorazm oblasti (Uzbekistan)
Zhytomyr Oblastʹ (Ukraine)
Brest (Belarus)
Baffin Island (Nunavut)
Solomon Islands
Ntcheu District (Malawi)
Nīl al Azraq (Sudan)
Central African Republic
Compact disc. Compilation of songs recorded worldwide, sung in their original languages. Previously released. Program notes in English and French (15 p.) inserted in container.
Table of contents:
India: Khyal (5:05) -- Bali: Tjak (2:02) -- Japan: Upopo (2:06) -- Mongolia: The 4-year-old light tan horse (1:45) -- Uzbekistan: Yār-yār (2:15) -- Syria: Islamic ritual zikr (3:23) -- Takhsefto (4:46) -- Ukraine: The red mountain ash (2:08) -- Byelorussia: Round spring dance (2:03) -- Bulgaria: slow melody (3:53) -- Switzerland: Zäuerli (2:16) -- Canada: three kataijait from Bain Land (1:59) -- Solomon Islands: Roitroa (2:32) -- Malawi: Buyeni (4:08) -- Sudan: Nagara (2:29) -- Central African Republic: dikoboda sombe (3:51) -- Ulepa (4:20) -- Ye zame andero (2:47) -- Benin: song for grinding millet (2:59)
Track information:
101 Khayāl/ Moinuddin Dagar, Nasir Aminuddin Khan Dagar, Dagar Brothers. Tabla,Tanb-ura
102 Tjak
103 Upopo
104 The Four Year Old Light Tan Horse / Sundul
105 Yār yār/ Nazira Baijanova Arabic language
106 Ritual Zikr
107 Takhshefto / Evelyne Oud
108 The Red Mountain Ash / Rosa Jouk, Lioudmilla Tchijouk, Maria Dorodko. Ukrainian language
109 Round: Spring Dance / Tatiana Orlenin, Nadeshda Shogol
110 Slow melody from Thrace / Ianka Rupkina. Bulgarian language
111 Zauerl (sung in the Inn) / Ernst Pfa.ndler
112 Three katajjait from Baffin Land / Elijah Pudloo Mageeta, Quanak Martha Meekeega, Napache Samaejuk Pootogook, Napache Etidloie Toonoo
113 Roiroa (women's song)
114 Buyeni: Kamwana kamwani (Somebody's little child)/ Kaya wiyo / Chewa dialect
115 Nagara- Music of the Blue Nile Province / Lyre,Gourd
116 Dikoboda sombe (Hut song)
117 Ulepa
118 Ye zame andero (war chant)
119 Song for grinding millet
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