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Woody Guthrie and Reel to Reel Transfers [sound recording]

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Guthrie, Woody 1912-1967  Search this
White, Josh  Search this
Terry, Sonny  Search this
Houston, Cisco  Search this
Seeger, Pete 1919-2014  Search this
Hawes, Bess Lomax 1921-2009  Search this
Leadbelly 1885-1949  Search this
Asch, Moses  Search this
Physical description:
1 sound disc : digital ; 4 3/4 in
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African American  Search this
Musical sound recordings
United States
New York
South Carolina
Table of contents:
Dub of 78 RPM Recordings on Asch/Disc Labels- Woody Guthrie 1. Pretty Boy Floyd (Asch 360-1B) 2. Buffalo Skinners (Asch 360-1A) 3. Union Burying Ground (Asch-3B) 4. Woody, Sonny- Long John (Asch 360-3A) 5. 1913 Massacre (Asch 360-2B) 6. Ludlow Massacre (Asch 360-2A) 7. Woody, Cisco, Pete Seeger- Muleskinner Blues (Asch 432-1A) 8. Woody, Cisco, Butch and Bess Hawes- 900 Miles (Asch 432-1B) 9. Woody, Cisco, Sonny Terry, Alec Stewart- Glory (Asch-1B) 10. Poor Lazarus (Dead or Alive) (Asch 432-3B) 11. Josh White, Lead Belly- Don't Lie Buddy (Asch-3A) 12. Woody, Cisco- Biggest Thing Man Has Ever Done (Asch-3B) 13. Pete Seeger and Group- Cindy (Asch 432-4A) 14. Woody, Cisco- Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet (Asch 432-4B) Woody Guthrie's Children's 78s 15. Clean-O (Disc 605 (5050B)) 16. Wake Up (Disc 605 (5050A)) 17. Dance Around (Disc 605 (5051A)) 18. Put Your Finger in the Air (Disc 605 (5051B)) 19. Don't You Push Me Down (Disc 605 (5052A)) 20. Jig Along (Disc 605 (5052B)) 21. My Little Seed (Disc 602 (5075A)) 22. All Work Together (Disc 602 (5075B)) 23. Bling Blang (Disc 602 (5073A)) 24. Pretty and Shiny-O (Disc 602 (5073B)) 25. Needle Sing (Disc 602 (5074A) 26. Pick it Up (Disc 602 (5074B)
Track information:
101 Pretty Boy Floyd (Asch 360-1B) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
102 Buffalo Skinners (Asch 360-1A) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
103 Union Burying Ground (Asch 360-3B) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
104 Lost John (Asch 360-3A) / Woody Guthrie, Sonny Terry. Guitar,Harmonica
105 1913 Massacre (Asch 360-2B) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
106 Ludlow Massacre (Asch 360-2A) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
107 Muleskinner Blues (Asch 432-1A) / Woody Guthrie, Cisco Houston, Pete Seeger. Guitar,Banjo
108 900 Miles (Asch 432-1B) / Woody Guthrie, Cisco Houston, Bess Lomax Hawes. Guitar,Mandolin
109 Streets of Glory (Asch 432-2A) / Woody Guthrie, Sonny Terry, Cisco Houston. Guitar,Harmonica
110 Poor Lazurus (Dead or Alive)(Asch 432-2B) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
111 Don't Lie Buddy (Asch 432-3A) / Lead Belly, Josh White. Guitar
112 Biggest Thing That Man Has Ever Done, The (Asch 432-3B) / Woody Guthrie, Cisco Houston. Guitar
113 Cindy (Asch 432-4A) / Pete Seeger. Guitar,Banjo
114 Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet (Child No. 76)(Asch 432-4B) / Woody Guthrie, Cisco Houston. Guitar
115 Clean-O (Dsc 605/5050B) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
116 Wake Up (Dsc 605/5050A) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
117 Dance Around (Dsc 605/5051A) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
118 Put Your Finger in the Air (Dsc 605/5051A) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
119 Don't You Push Me Down (Dsc 605/5052A) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
120 Jig Along (Dsc 605/5052B) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
121 My Little Seed (Dsc 602/5075A) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
122 All Work Together (Dsc 602/5075B) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
123 Bling Blang (Dsc 602/5073A) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
124 Pretty and Shiny-O (Dsc 602/5073B) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
125 Needle Sing (Dsc 602/5074A) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
126 Pick it Up (Dsc 602/5074B) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
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