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Acetate Dubs: Woody Guthrie [sound recording]

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Asch, Moses  Search this
Terry, Sonny  Search this
Guthrie, Woody 1912-1967  Search this
Hawes, Bess Lomax 1921-2009  Search this
Hawes, Butch 1919-1971  Search this
McGhee, Brownie 1915-1996  Search this
Physical description:
1 sound disc : digital ; 4 3/4 in
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Musical sound recordings
United States
New York
Table of contents:
1. ACT-029 Woody Guthrie "Jarama Valley" 2. ACT-030 Woody Guthrie, Butch and Bess Hawes "The Girl I Left Behind" 3. ACT-033 Woody Guthrie "Pastures of Plenty" 4. ACT-034 Woody Guthrie "Swimmy Swim" 5. ACT-035 Woody Guthrie "Dance Around" 6. ACT-036 Woody Guthrie "Don't You Push Me Down" 7. ACT-038-101 Woody Guthrie "Come See" 8. ACT-038-102 Woody Guthrie "Don't Push Me Down" 9. ACT-037 Woody Guthrie "Clean-O" 10. ACT-039-101 Woody Guthrie "Little Sack of Sugar" 11. ACT-039-102 Woody Guthrie "Make a Blobble" 12. ACT-040-101 Woody Guthrie "Sleep Eye" 13. ACT-040-102 Woody Guthrie "Wake Up" 14. ACT-041 Woody Guthrie "Washy Wash" 15. ACT-042-101 Woody Guthrie "ABC Song" 16. ACT-042-102 Woody Guthrie "ABC Song" (frag) 17. ACT-042-103 unknown "All Around My Kitchen" 18. ACT-043-101 Woody Guthrie "Ship in the Sky (frag)" 19. ACT-043-102 Woody Guthrie "A Million Miles" 20. ACT-043-103 Woody Guthrie "Ship in the Sky" 21. ACT-044Woody Guthrie "Rubber Dolly" 22. ACT-045-101 Woody Guthrie "Two Good Men" 23. ACT-045-102 Woody Guthrie "Two Good Men" 24. ACT-048 Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry (maybe Sticks McGhee), "Tell Me What's the Matter" 25. ACT-051-101 Woody Guthrie "Don't You Push Me Down" 26. ACT-051-102 Woody Guthrie "Don't You Push Me Down" 27. ACT-052-101 Woody Guthrie "Merry Go Round" 28. ACT-052-102 Woody Guthrie "Merry Go Round" 29. ACT-053-101 Lead Belly, Cisco Houston, Woody Guthrie "Alabama Bound" 30. ACT-053-102 unknown "Hooterville Trolley" 31. ACT-054 Woody Guthrie "Jesus Christ"
Track information:
101 Jarama Valley (ACT-0029) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
102 Girl I Left Behind Me, The (ACT-0030) / Woody Guthrie, Bess Lomax Hawes, Butch Hawes. Guitar,Mandolin,Fiddle
102 White House Blues (ACT-0030) / Woody Guthrie, Bess Lomax Hawes, Butch Hawes. Guitar,Mandolin,Fiddle
103 Pastures of Plenty (ACT-0033) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
104 Swimmy Swim (ACT-0034) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
105 Dance Around (ACT-0035) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
106 Don't You Push Me Down (ACT-0036) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
107 Come See (ACT-0038) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
108 Don't You Push Me Down (ACT-0038) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
109 Clean-O (ACT-0037) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
110 Little Sack of Sugar (ACT-0039) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
111 Make a Bubble (ACT-0039) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
112 Sleepy Eyes (ACT-0040) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
113 Wake Up (ACT-0040) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
114 Washy Wash Wash (ACT-0041) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
115 I'll Write and I'll Draw (I'll Spell You a Word)(ACT-042) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
117 All Around the KItchen (ACT-042) / Guitar
118 Ship in the Sky (ACT-0043) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
119 Million Miles, A (Reuben's Train)(ACT-043) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
121 Rubber Dolly (ACT-0044) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
122 Two Good Men (Sacco and Vanzetti)(ACT-0045) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
124 Tell Me What's the Matter (ACT-0048) / Brownie McGhee, Sonny Terry. Guitar
125 Don't You Push Me Down (ACT-0051) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
127 Merry Go Round (ACT-0052) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
129 Alabama Bound (ACT-0053)
130 Hooterville Trolley (ACT-0053)
131 Jesus Christ (ACT-0054) / Woody Guthrie. Guitar
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