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Festival Recordings: Struggle Narrative Stage: Deaf President Now; Topical Songs; S.Amer.Aerophones; Music as Motivator [sound recording]

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Smithsonian Institution. Festival of American Folklife. Musics of Struggle Program 1990 Washington, D.C  Search this
Riggs, Barbara 1946-  Search this
Bourne, Bridgetta 1967-  Search this
Covell, Gerald L. 1965-  Search this
Lira, Agustín  Search this
Samb, Amadou N'Diaye 1922-  Search this
Wells Solorzano, Patricia  Search this
Bastidas, Jose Manuel Leon  Search this
Morocho, Pedro Pablo Cayambe  Search this
Jubran, Kamilya  Search this
Alexander, Sarah 1942-  Search this
Feria Educativa  Search this
Physical description:
1 sound cassette : analog
Senegalese  Search this
Ecuadorians  Search this
Palestinian Arabs  Search this
Israelis  Search this
Musical sound recordings
United States
Washington (D.C.)
Recorded in: Washington (D.C.), United States, July 4, 1990.
Track information:
101 Music of the Deaf President Now Movement / Barbara Riggs, Bridgetta Bourne, Gerald L. Covell. Sign language
102 Pan Festival Workshop-Topical Songs / Agustin Lira, Amadou N'Diaye Samb, Patricia Wells Solorzano. Halam,Lute,Guitar,Drum
103 South American Aerophones / Feria Educativa, Jose Manuel Leon Bastidas, Pedro Pablo Cayambe Morocho. Aerophone,Flute,Panpipes. Quechua language
104 Music as a Motivator / Kamilya Jubran, Sarah Alexander. Guitar,Zither,Accordion,Oud
Repository Loc.:
Smithsonian Institution, Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, Ralph Rinzler Folklife Archives and Collections, 600 Maryland Ave., S.W., Suite 2001, Washington, D.C. 20024. Call 202-633-7322 for appointment. Fax: 202-633-7019. Email:
Political ballads and songs  Search this
Oral history  Search this
Topical songs  Search this
Quechua Indians  Search this
Halam  Search this
Lute  Search this
Guitar  Search this
Drum  Search this
Aerophone  Search this
Flute  Search this
Panpipes  Search this
Zither  Search this
Accordion  Search this
Oud  Search this
Deafness  Search this
Struggle  Search this
Colonies  Search this
Griots  Search this
Education  Search this
Racism  Search this
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