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Folk Music of Siberia and Central Asia: East of the Urals [sound recording]

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Beloborodov, Dmitri  Search this
Vinogradova, E. A. (Ekaterina Aleksandrovna)  Search this
Shakhobov, Fazlitdin  Search this
Ibrahimov, Shamil  Search this
Meshcherin, Vyacheslav  Search this
Kashgaliyev, Shamon  Search this
Kuliyev, Kurban  Search this
Khanumadova, Tamara  Search this
Zakirov, Dani  Search this
Lavasshov, Valentine  Search this
Aminov, Avner  Search this
Bobodustov, Yakub  Search this
Levashov, Valentine  Search this
Physical description:
1 phonograph record : analog, 33 1/3 rpm ; 12 in
Russians  Search this
Soviets  Search this
Musical sound recordings
Soviet Union
Sung and played by native musicians.
Table of contents:
Analty kyz (Kazakh folk song) --Dzhuradzhonam (Tadzhik folk song) --Khisam (Bashkir folk song) --Yrya (Yakut folk song) --Kui dairabai --Maral geldi (Turkmenian folk song) -- Toradi (Korean folk song) --Salorn kelibdi (Uzbek folk song) -- Altai melodies --Rez (Tadzhik dance rhythms) --Yuryum tullik ere melbectuyur (Yakut folk song) --Yan san do (Korean folk song) --Siekhchami ( Tadzhik folk song) --Manchari (Yakut folk song) --Ba dildar (Uzbek song) --Podornaya (Siberian chastushki) --Yakut dance
Track information:
101 Vinogradova, Ekaterina; Analty Kyz (Sixteen Girls) / E. A. (Ekaterina Aleksandrovna) Vinogradova
102 Shakhobov, Fazlitdin; Dzhuradzhonam (Dear Friend) / Fazlitdin Shakhobov
103 Ibrahimov, Shamil; Khisam (Bashkir Folk Song / Shamil Ibrahimov
104 Meshcherin, Vyacheslav; Yrya (Yahut Folk Song) / Vyacheslav Meshcherin
105 Kashgaliyev, Shamon; Kui Dairabai (Composer's Name) / Shamon Kashgaliyev
106 Kuliyev, Kurban; Maral Geldi (Maral Arrived) / Kurban Kuliyev
107 Khanum, Tamara; Toradi (White flower) / Tamara Khanumadova
108 Zakirov, Dani; Salorn Kelibdi (Uzbek Folk Song) / Dani Zakirov
109 Lavasshov, Valentine; Altai Melodies (The Machine Doesn't go By Itself) / Valentine Lavasshov
201 Aminov, Avner; Rez (Tadzhik Dance Rhythms) / Avner Aminov
202 Meshcherin, Vyacheslav; Yuryum Tullik Ere Melbectuyur / Vyacheslav Meshcherin
203 Khanum, Tamara; Yan San Do (Korean Folk Song) / Tamara Khanumadova
204 Shakhovov, Fazlitdin; Siekhchami (Black Eyes) / Fazlitdin Shakhobov
205 Meshcherin, Vyacheslav, Manchari ( Legendary Yakut Hero) / Vyacheslav Meshcherin
206 Bobodustov, Yakub; ba Dilbar (Beloved) / Yakub Bobodustov
207 Levashov, Valentine; Podgornaya (Siberian Chastushki) / Valentine Levashov
208 Beloborodov, Dmitri; Yakut Dance / Dmitri Beloborodov
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