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Folk and Primitive: Canada [sound recording]

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Lomax, Alan 1915-2002  Search this
Okratchiar  Search this
Buck, George  Search this
Henry, Jake  Search this
General, Alexander  Search this
Miller, Huron  Search this
Boudreau, Daniel  Search this
Boudreau, Pere Anselme  Search this
Bedard, Phileas  Search this
Anglehart, Alfred  Search this
Ouellet, Joseph  Search this
Dorion, Zephirin, Mme  Search this
Rousseau, Adelard  Search this
Boudreau, Ernest  Search this
Lavoie, Wilbrod  Search this
Parise, Joseph  Search this
Peacock, Kenneth  Search this
Smith, Daughter  Search this
Murphy, Aubrey  Search this
Rice, Ned  Search this
Soper, Lloyd  Search this
MacKenzie, Hugh  Search this
MacMillan, Norman  Search this
Martin, Mungo 1879-1962  Search this
Park, Mungo  Search this
Migpigark  Search this
Allunga-ayurtok  Search this
Aktrikaot  Search this
Physical description:
1 phonograph record : analog, 33 1/3 rpm ; 12 in
Canadians  Search this
Musical sound recordings
"From the collections of the National Museum of Canada, and the National Film Board of Canada ; with contributions by Jean Gabus, Museum of Neuchatel, and by Ida Halpern." Folk songs sung in French, English, Gaelic (Scots), Eskimo, and various Indian languages, and folk music played by various native musicians. Table of contents keyed to map on album cover; texts of French songs with English translations, and English summaries of the songs in other languages included in notes bound in. Performer(s): Sung in French, English, Gaelic (Scots), Eskimo, and various indian languages, and played by native musicians. Production notes: Recorded at various locations in Canada.
Table of contents:
The rain dance, part 1 --The rain dance, part 2 --The fish dance --The corn dance --Nigahnegao. = Little water -- Gascowa --False faces --Ce sont les filles de St. Constant = The maids of St. Constant --Malbrouck s'en vat en Guerre = Malbrouk goes to war --En roulant ma boule = While rolling my ball --Le reel Canadien = The Canadien reel --Je M'en fus a sa porte = I went to her doorstep --Charmante bergere, en gardant ton troupeau = Charming shepherdess, keeping your sheep --A la claire fontaine = In the clear fountain -- Je pars demain pour les Hauts d'Ottawa = I leave tomorrow for Upper Ottawa --Breakdown --Buvons, mes amis = Friends, let's drink --Bonjour, jolie bergere = Good-day, pretty shepherdess --Par un bon matin, J'me suis lever = One bright morning, I got up --Le reel gaspersien --The banks of the Vergie-o --The cruel mother --The carrion crow --Daniel Monroe --The foreman Jerry Ryan --The feller from fortune -- My name, it's Delaney --Strathspey --Milling frolic song-- Charlie Yackam --Milling frolic song --Scots reels --Headdress song --Medicine song --Gambling song --Aagnerk = Magic song --The fingers -Piherk for hunting --Piherk for the dead
Track information:
101 Rain Dance, The (part 1) / George Buck
102 Rain Dance, The (part 2) / George Buck
103 The Fish Dance / George Buck, Jake Henry
104 The Corn Dance / Alexander General
105 Nigahnegao (Little-Water) / Alexander General
106 Gacowa / Huron Miller
107 False Faces / George Buck, Jake Henry, Huron Miller
108 Ce Sont Les Filles De St. Constant (The Maids of St. Constant) / Daniel Boudreau, Pere Anselme Boudreau
109 Malbrouck S'en Vat En Guerre (Malbrouck Goes to War) / Daniel Boudreau, Pere Anselme Boudreau
110 En Roulant Ma Boule (While Rolling My Ball) / Phileas Bedard
111 La Reel Canadien / Alfred Anglehart
112 Je M'en Fus A Sa Porte (I Went to her Doorstep) / Daniel Boudreau
113 Charmante Bergere En Gardant Ton Troupeau (Charming Shepherdess, Keeping Your Sheep) / Joseph Ouellet
114 A La Claire Fontaine (In the Clear Fountain) / Zephirin, Mme. Dorion
115 Je Pars Demain Pour Les Hauts D'Ottowa (I Leave Tomorrow for Upper Ottowa)
116 Breakdown Annonce
117 Buvons, Mes Amis (Friends, Lets Drink) / Adelard Rousseau
118 Bonjour, Jolie Bergere (Good-Day Pretty Shepherdess) / Ernest Boudreau
119 Par Un Bon Matin, J'me Suis Leve (One Bright Morning, I Got Up ) / Wilbrod Lavoie
120 La Reel Gaspesien / Joseph Parise
201 The Banks of the Vergie-o / Kenneth Peacock
202 The Cruel Mother (Child No. 20)/ Daughter Smith
204 The Carrion Crow / Aubrey Murphy
205 Daniel Monroe / Ned Rice
206 The Foreman Jerry Ryan / Kenneth Peacock
207 The Feller from Fortune / Lloyd Soper
208 My Name, It's Delaney / Kenneth Peacock
209 Strathspey / Hugh MacKenzie
210 Milling Frolic Song
211 Charlie Yackam / Norman MacMillan
212 Milling Frolic Song
213 Scot's Reels / Hugh MacKenzie
214 Headdress Song / Mungo Martin
215 Medicine Song / Mungo Park
216 Gambling Song / Mungo Park
217 Aagnerk (Magic Song) / Migpigark
218 The Fingers / Migpigark, Allunga-ayurtok
219 Piherk for Hunting / Aktrikaot
220 Piherk for the Dead / Okratchiar
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