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Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History Department of Anthropology Division of Ethnology  Search this
Mason, Otis Tufton 1838-1908  Search this
Hough, Walter 1859-1935  Search this
Williams, Talcott  Search this
Hawley, Edwin H  Search this
Wilson, Thomas  Search this
Physical description:
41 linear feet
Baubi  Search this
Blackfoot  Search this
Eskimos  Search this
Innuit  Search this
Jamomadi  Search this
Kiowa Indians  Search this
Mission Indians  Search this
Moro  Search this
Naltunnetunne  Search this
Pygmies  Search this
Tesuque  Search this
Zuni Indians  Search this
Modoc Indians  Search this
Wichita Indians  Search this
Osage Indians  Search this
Dyak  Search this
Fox Indians  Search this
Haida Indians  Search this
Makah Indians  Search this
Maya  Search this
Carib  Search this
Jivaro  Search this
Pueblo Indians  Search this
Micmac Indians  Search this
Seminole Indians  Search this
Nanticoke Indians  Search this
Seri Indians  Search this
Pomo Indians  Search this
Chinook  Search this
Washo Indians  Search this
Nez Percé Indians  Search this
Shoshoni Indians  Search this
Cuna  Search this
Bannock Indians  Search this
Omaha Indians  Search this
Cochiti Indians  Search this
Yavapai Indians  Search this
Pawnee Indians  Search this
Delaware Indians  Search this
Sauk Indians  Search this
Mohave Indians  Search this
Hupa Indians  Search this
Caddo Indians  Search this
Klamath Indians  Search this
Iroquois Onondaga  Search this
Maidu Indians  Search this
Oto Indians  Search this
Tolowa  Search this
Wintun  Search this
Samoan  Search this
Cossacks  Search this
Arabs  Search this
Diegueño Indians  Search this
Goajira  Search this
Hittites  Search this
Kabyles  Search this
Kirghese  Search this
Luiseño Indians  Search this
Maori (New Zealand people)  Search this
Mataco  Search this
Narragansett Indians  Search this
Parsee  Search this
Quichua  Search this
Quinaielt  Search this
Tonga  Search this
Tulalip Indians  Search this
Dayak (Indonesian people)  Search this
Samoans  Search this
Indians of North America California  Search this
Wintu Indians  Search this
Arctic peoples  Search this
Indians of North America Subarctic  Search this
Indians of North America Great Basin  Search this
Indians of North America Northeast  Search this
Onondaga Indians  Search this
Indians of North America Northwest Coast of North America  Search this
Quinault Indians  Search this
Indians of North America Great Plains  Search this
Indians of North America Plateau  Search this
Indians of North America Southwest, New  Search this
Inuit  Search this
Indians of North America Southern States  Search this
Printed materials
Processed materials
Paper specimens
Motion pictures (visual works)
British Columbia
Addl. KW Subjects:
Sauk & Fox
Meskwaki; Sauk & Fox
The manuscript and pamphlet file is virtually a potpourri of documents, including correspondence, notes, drawings, maps, photographs, printed and processed materials, paper specimens, reports, writings, catalogs, motion picture film, bibliographies, and other types of documents. Of concern is a wide variety of subjects such as anthropological specimens, museology and museums, Smithsonian history, archeological and ethnological methods, exhibits, expeditions, history of anthropology, and so forth. The file seems to have been maintained in the Division of Ethnology--in one document it was referred to as being Herbert W. Krieger's morgue--and the subject matter is largely ethnological.
Some documents, however, concern archeology and physical anthropology. The file also contains some administrative materials--records relating to the Department of Anthropology's use of Work Projects Administration workers, for example. In addition, it is the main location of materials not generally accepted as being strictly anthropological in the modern sense. It includes, for example, material on the First Ladies' Gown exhibit now in the National Museum of American History, fish and fisheries, whaling, religions, armour, biblical studies, modern appliances, the seal industry, European music and musical instruments, lace, aeronautics, and other similar subjects.
The file includes the papers of many different persons. The file also includes sets of papers of Otis Tufton Mason, Walter Hough, Talcott Williams, Edwin H. Hawley, and Thomas Wilson. It includes documents, sometimes of a secondary nature, about the following cultural groups and geographic areas; Arabs, Bannock, Baubi, Blackfoot, British Columbia, Caddo, Chinook, Cochiti, Comanche, Cossacks, Cuna, Delaware, Diegueno, District of Columbia, Dyak, Eskimo, Europe, Fox, Goajira, Haida, Hawaii, Hittites, Hupa, India, Innuit, Iran, Ireland, Jamomadi, Japan, Jivaro, Kabyles, Kiowa, Kirghese, Klamath, Korea, Luiseno, Madagascar, Madeira, Maidu, Makah, Maori, Mataco, Maya, Micmac, Micronesia, Mission, Modoc, Mohave, Mongolia, Moro, Morocco, Naltunnetunne, Nanticoke, Narragansett, Navaho,
New Guinea, Nez Perce, Nubia, Omaha, Onandaga, Osage, Oto, Papua, Parsee, Pawnee, Peru, Philippines, Pomo, Pueblo, Puerto Rico, Pygmies, Quichua, Quinaielt, Samoa, Sauk, Seminole, Seri, Shoshoni, Spain, Tahiti, Tesuque, Thailand, Texas, Tolowa, Tonga, Tulalip, Utah, Virginia, Washo, Wichita, Wintun, Yavapai, and Zuni.
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Manuscripts and Pamphlet File, Records of the Division of Ethnology, Department of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History, National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution
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National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, Maryland
Aeronautics  Search this
Lace and lace making  Search this
Musical instruments  Search this
Seal industry  Search this
Electric apparatus and appliances  Search this
Fish and fisheries  Search this
First Ladies' Gowns  Search this
Whaling  Search this
Religions  Search this
Armor  Search this
Biblical studies  Search this
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