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Gauguin, Paul 1848-1903  Search this
Columbus, Christopher  Search this
1798: The French Revolution and Its Aftermath (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
After the Revolution: Everyday Life in America, 1780-1800 (Exhibition) (1985-2002: Washington, D.C.)  Search this
Altered States: Alcohol and Other Drugs in America (Traveling exhibition) (c. 1995)  Search this
America's Star: The U.S. Marshals, 1789-1989 (Traveling exhibition) (1988-1991)  Search this
American Dolls (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
American Voices: Latino Photographers in the United States (Traveling exhibition) (c. 1997)  Search this
Anatolia: Artistic Traditions of Ancient Turkey (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Art As Activist: Revolutionary Posters from Central and Eastern Europe (Traveling exhibition) (1992-1994)  Search this
Art as Language (Traveling exhibition) (1979-1982)  Search this
Art of Our Time: Selections from the Olga Hirshhorn Collection (Traveling exhibition) (1989-1993)  Search this
Arte/Objecto:Sculpture from the Tane Silversmith Collection (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Athletes: Photographs, 1980-1986 (Traveling exhibition) (1988-1992)  Search this
Badges of Pride: Symbols and Images of American Labor (Traveling exhibition) (1989-1992)  Search this
Ban Chiang: Discovery of a Lost Bronze Age (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Baseball Immortals: The Photographs of Charles Martin Conlon, 1905-1935 (Exhibition) (1984: Washington, D.C.)  Search this
Basketmaker in Rural Japan (Traveling exhibition) (c. 1995)  Search this
Before Freedom Came: African American Life in the Antebellum South (Traveling exhibition) (1993-1996)  Search this
Beyond the Java Sea: Art of Indonesia's Outer Islands (Exhibition) (1991: Washington, D.C.)  Search this
Carnegie Libraries: Sesquicentennial Celebration (Traveling exhibition) (1986-1990)  Search this
Ceramics of the Weimar Republic (Traveling exhibition) (1988-1991)  Search this
China Between the Revolutions: Photographs by Sydney D. Gamble, 1971-1927 (Traveling exhibition) (1989-1993)  Search this
Constance Stuart Larrabee: World War II Photo Journal (Traveling exhibition) (1990-1995)  Search this
Contemporary Art from Japan (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Dance Masks of Mexico (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Day in the Warsaw Ghetto: A Birthday Trip in Hell (Traveling exhibition) (1990-1995)  Search this
Dog Observed: 1844-1983 (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Ephemera Philatelica (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Extra! Extra! The Men and Machines of Modern Journalism (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Field to Factory: Afro-American Migration, 1915-1940 (Exhibition) (1987-2006: Washington, D.C.)  Search this
Fields of Grass (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Flag in American Indian Art (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Fragile Ecologies: Artists' Interpretations and Solutions (Traveling exhibition) (1992-1995)  Search this
Frank Lloyd Wright and the Johnson Wax Building: Creating a Corporate Cathedral (Exhibition) (1986: Washington, D.C.)  Search this
Fred E. Miller: Photographer of the Crows (Traveling exhibition) (1993-1995)  Search this
Full Deck: Art Quilts (Traveling exhibition) (1995-1999)  Search this
Gauguin and His Circle in Brittany: The Prints of the Pont-Aven School (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Grand Generation: Memory, Mastery, and Legacy (Traveling exhibition) (1987-1991)  Search this
Great American Comics: 100 Years of Cartoon Art (Traveling exhibition) (1989-1992)  Search this
Guatemalan Masks: The Pieper Collection (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Haiti: The First Black Republic and Its Monuments to Freedom (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Harlem Photographs by Aaron Siskind from the National Museum of American Art (Traveling exhibition) (1993-1995)  Search this
Hawaii Photographs (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Hollywood: Legend and Reality (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Hub of the Hemisphere: Ecuador in Pre-Columbian America (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Ice Age Art (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Images of Labor (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Images of Old Age in America, 1790-1977 (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Imaging Families (Traveling exhibition) (c.1995)  Search this
In Splendor and Seclusion: Women in Art and Life at the Royal Court of Veinna, Nigeria (Traveling exhibition) (c. 1988)  Search this
In Touch: Printing and Writing for the Blind in the 19th Century (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Inside Active Volcanoes: Kilauea and Mount St. Helens (Traveling exhibition) (1989-1993)  Search this
Into the Sunlit Splendor: The Aviation Art of William S. Phillips (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Japan Project (Traveling exhibition) (c. 1986)  Search this
King Herod's Dream: Caesarea on the Sea (Exhibition) (1988: Washington, D.C.)  Search this
Kings, Heroes, and Nomads: Pictorial Rugs from the Tribes of and Villages of Iran (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Know What You See: The Examination and Treatment of Paintings (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Laser at 25 (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Legacy Endures: Conserving Wetlands and Waterfowls (Traveling exhibition) (1989-1991)  Search this
Lincoln and His Contemporaries: Photographs by Mathew Brady from the National Portrait Gallery's F. H. Meserve Collection (Exhibition) (1991: Washington, D.C.)  Search this
Lost Cities, Forgotten Kings: Discovering the Lost Cities of Honduras (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Magnificent Voyagers: The United States Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842 (Exhibition) (1985-1986: Washington, D.C.)  Search this
Martin Luther King, Jr. (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Material Evidence: New Color Techniques in Handmade Furniture (Traveling exhibtion)  Search this
Medieval Art from Yugoslavia (Traveling exhibition) (c. 1987)  Search this
More Than Meets the Eye (Traveling exhibition) (1994-1998)  Search this
Moscow: Treasures and Traditions (Exhibition) (1988: Washington, D.C.)  Search this
Mouton Rothschild: Paintings for the Labels, 1945-1981 (Traveling exhibition) (1984-1989)  Search this
Muppets (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Music and Dance in Papua New Guinea (Traveling exhibition) (1985-1988)  Search this
New Horizons: American Painting, 1840-1910 (Traveling exhibition) (1987-1988)  Search this
Noritake Art Deco Porcelain (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Ocean Planet (Exhibition) (1995-1996: Washington, D.C.)  Search this
Paris Style 1900: Art Nouveau Bing (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Perpetual Campaign: The Making of the People's President (Traveling exhibition) (1992-1994)  Search this
Population: The Problem is Us (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Recent American Works on Paper (Tarveling exhibition)  Search this
Reflections: The Child in America (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Remaking America: New Uses, Old Places (Traveling exhibition) (1986-1991)  Search this
Renaissance of Islam: Art of the Mamluks (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Revolution, Life, and Labor: Soviet Porcelains, 1918-1985 (Traveling exhibition) (c. 1995)  Search this
Road to Heaven is Paved by Good Works: The Art of Reverend Howard Finster (Traveling exhibition) (1990-1992)  Search this
Rosebud Souix: A People in Transition (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Russia, The Land, The People: Russian Painting 1850-1910 (Traveling exhibition) (1986-1987)  Search this
Russian Impressionist: Paintings and Drawings of Leonid Pasternak, 1880-1945 (Traveling exhibition) (1987-1989)  Search this
Santa Fe Trail: Photographs by Joan Myers (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Sculpture: Exploring Three Dimensions (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Seeing Japan (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Six Bridges: The Making of a Modern Metropolis (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Soundtracks (Traveling exhibition) (1988-1990)  Search this
South of Winter: Scenes from Aransas Wildlife Refuge (Traveling Exhibition)  Search this
Spirited Objects: Traditional Craft for the 21st Century (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Steichen and His Men: A Photographic Portrait of World War II (Traveling exhibition) (1988-1993)  Search this
Stonehenge Observed (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Suiting Everyone (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Symbols of Faith (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
The Real McCoy: African-American Invention and Innovation, 1619-1930 (Exhibition) (1989: Washington, D.C.)  Search this
There's a Sound in the Sea (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Threadworks: Miniature Textile Art (Traveling exhibition) (1988-1991)  Search this
Tropical Rainforests: A Disappearing Treasure (Traveling exhibition) (1988-1994)  Search this
Vanishing Race and Other Illusions: A New Look at the Work of Edward Curtis (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Victorian Gardens: A Horticultural Extravaganza, 1835-1900 (Traveling exhibition) (1988-1993)  Search this
Vietnam Veterans Memorial: A National Experience (Traveling exhibition) (1986-1993)  Search this
Views of Rome: Watercolors and Drawings from the Collection of the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana (Traveling exhibition) (1988-1991)  Search this
Visions of Flight: A Retrospective from the NASA Art Collection (Traveling exhibition) (1988-1991)  Search this
Voices of Hellenism: The Collection of Hugo Benaki (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Who's in Charge: Workers and Managers in the United States (Traveling exhibition) (1992-1996)  Search this
Year of the Hopi: Paintings and Photographs by Joseph Mora, 1904-1906 (Traveling exhibition)  Search this
Yesterday's Tomorrows: Past Visions of the American Future (Traveling exhibition) (2001-2005)  Search this
ZooArk (Traveling exhibition) (1988-1990)  Search this
Seeds of Change (Traveling exhibition) (1992-1995)  Search this
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22 cu. ft. (22 record storage boxes)
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For a description of the record series of which these materials form a part, refer to the "Forms part of" above.
This accession consists of materials that document the organization, design, and promotion of exhibits. Major exhibitions represented include "Ocean Planet," "Seeds of Change," and "Tropical Rainforests: A Disappearing Treasure." Materials include correspondence, memoranda, planning documents, exhibit proposals, research notes and materials, letters of agreement, floor plans, releases, itineraries, contracts, exhibition booking agreements and contracts, object loan agreements, packing instructions, budgets, object lists, label copy, press releases, press kits, catalogues and other published materials, education kits, videos, scripts, label copy, condition reports, clippings, installation and object photographs, slides, and transparencies. Some materials are in electronic format.
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