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United States National Museum Division of Plants  Search this
Morton, C. V (Conrad Vernon) 1905-1972  Search this
Walker, Egbert H (Egbert Hamilton) 1899-1991  Search this
Killip, Ellsworth Paine 1890-  Search this
Leonard, E. C (Emery Clarence) 1892-1968  Search this
Standley, Paul Carpenter 1884-1963  Search this
Abrams, Le Roy 1874-1956  Search this
Maxon, William R (William Ralph) 1877-1948  Search this
Cook, O. F (Orator Fuller) 1867-1949  Search this
Pollard, Charles Louis 1872-1945  Search this
Rose, J. N (Joseph Nelson) 1862-1928  Search this
Coville, Frederick V (Frederick Vernon) 1867-1937  Search this
Painter, Joseph Hannum  Search this
Vasey, George  Search this
Physical description:
42.25 cu. ft. processed holdings
Series Level Description
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Chronologic and alphabetic
Consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence between Division of Plants staff and leading United States and foreign botanists; colleagues; directors and curators of United States and foreign herbaria; custodians of botanical nurseries; naturalists; plant collectors; dealers in patent medicines; feed companies; seed growers; ranchers; farmers; geological surveys of the United States and Canada; Department of Agriculture staff members and administrative officers; Smithsonian Institution administrators; newspaper publishers and editors; scientific societies; the United States Experimental Grass and Forage Station at Garden City, Kansas; botanists from the agricultural and mining colleges and their agricultural experiment stations; florists; agrostologists; field agents; amateur plant collectors; entomologists; horticulturists; foresters; seed laboratories; and friends.
Correspondence concerns requests for botanical specimens and seeds; determination, identification, and description of plants, grasses, and seeds; collecting expeditions; requests for plants to protect embankments; purchase of specimens; transfer of specimens to the National Herbarium; exchange of plant collections; lists of specimens in herbaria; information on plant collection methods; collecting in the field; botanical experiments; publishing taxonomies and other articles on botanical collections; requests publications; requests for jobs with the Department of Agriculture; staff salary increases and transfers of staff members; activities of colleagues and their collections; personal matters; and drafts of manuscripts. Some correspondence also includes accession lists, annual reports, requests and approvals for field work, and nomenclatorial work.
Curators and research staff represented in these materials include George Vasey, Botanist and Curator of the National Herbarium, 1872-1889, and Honorary Curator of the Department of Botany, 1889-1893; and his successor Frederick V. (Frederick Vernon) Coville, 1894-1937; J. N. (Joseph Nelson) Rose, Assistant Curator and Curator, 1897-1911, 1917-1928; Charles Louis Pollard, Assistant Curator, 1897-1903; O. F. (Orator Fuller) Cook, Assistant Curator, 1898; William R. (William Ralph) Maxon, Aid, Assistant Curator, Associate Curator, and Curator, 1899-1946; Joseph Hannum Painter, Aid, 1904-1908; LeRoy Abrams, Assistant Curator, 1906-1907; Paul Carpenter Standley, Assistant Curator, 1909-1922; E. C. (Emery Clarence) Leonard, Aid, Assistant Curator, and Associate Curator, 1918-1947; Ellsworth Paine Killip, Aid, Assistant Curator, Associate Curator, and Curator, 1919-1947; C. V. (Conrad Vernon) Morton, Aid, Assistant Curator, and Associate Curator, 1928-1947; and Egbert H. (Egbert Hamilton) Walker, Aid, Assistant Curator, and Associate Curator, 1928-1947.
Repository Loc.:
Smithsonian Institution Archives, Capital Gallery, Suite 3000, MRC 507; 600 Maryland Avenue, SW; Washington, DC 20024-2520
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SIA RS00194
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