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Indians of North America the Apache 1993

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Nevison, Henry Producer  Search this
Henry Nevison; Producer, Director  Search this
Marty Moss-Coane; Narration  Search this
Harold Boihem; Editor  Search this
Robin Bherki; Camera  Search this
Dana Palermo; Audio  Search this
Rich Wilson; script writer  Search this
John Gerbec, Dana Palermo; producers  Search this
Physical description:
32 min sound color video
Apache Indians  Search this
Indians of North America  Search this
Indians of North America Southwest, New  Search this
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North America
United States
Indians of North America Series: The Apache. Edited film documents the history of the Apache American Indians with the emphasis on the demise of the buffalo, reservation life and the ever-present conflict with the United States government over land rights. Film documents the Sunrise Ceremony celebrating a girl's rite of passage into womanhood; footage shows the gift-giving ceremony and symbolic sprinkling with plant pollen. Explained in detail is the fissioning of the Apache into smaller subgroups called bands, with democratic ideals run by chiefs and councils. Other themes explored include: the impact of settlers on Apache land; American governmental policies of assimilation; American boarding school policies forbidding Apache children to speak their language or openly discuss cultural activities or traditions; Forces of change such as the railroad, break-up of the prairie, cattlemen, armed forces and travelers. Stories of tribal hero, Geronimo, reveal his band to be the last to surrender to the United States Army after escaping from the Apache reservation to raid white settlements and ultimately being captured and declared a prisoner of war. Footage depicts "wickups," Apache dwellings; the Sunrise Ceremony; black and white photographs of Geronimo; black and white footage of 1935 government film citing the origin of Native Americans. Interviews with various Apaches including tribal chairman, Ronnie Lupe, reveal the importance of living in harmony with the earth and the integral role of stories and songs and rituals which help the elders pass on traditions and cultural knowledge to the younger Apaches.
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Human Studies Film Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, MD
Land--acquisition of  Search this
Land--as a source of wealth  Search this
Land--as property  Search this
Land--reclamation  Search this
Land--reservations  Search this
Settlement--patterns  Search this
Migration--nomadism  Search this
Bands--migratory  Search this
Conflict  Search this
Conflict--raids  Search this
Territorial--boundaries--exploitation  Search this
Territory--boundaries  Search this
Exploring--expeditions  Search this
Government--activities--agencies  Search this
Government--care of dependent ethnic groups  Search this
Government--education--public  Search this
Government--expeditions  Search this
Government--military  Search this
Government--policies  Search this
Government--treaties  Search this
Military--armed forces  Search this
Education--curriculum  Search this
Education--teachers in--theories of  Search this
Education--attitudes toward  Search this
History--oral, as a method  Search this
Spiritualism  Search this
Religious--beliefs--faith  Search this
Healers--faith  Search this
Missions--religious  Search this
Nature--ideas about  Search this
Descent--matrilineal  Search this
Assimilation--of ethnic groups  Search this
Leadership--chiefs  Search this
Alcoholism  Search this
Ceremony--rites--of passage  Search this
Ceremony--Sunrise Ceremony  Search this
Dwellings--teepees--wickiups  Search this
Transportation--railroad  Search this
Animals--grazing--round-up  Search this
Animals--ideas about  Search this
Animals--husbandry  Search this
Animals--buffalo--hunting  Search this
Animals--horses  Search this
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Ownership--individual--collective  Search this
Culture--accomodation--adaptation  Search this
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Culture  Search this
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Cultural heroes--Geronimo  Search this
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HSFA 1995.1.7
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Human Studies Film Archives