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National Museum of Natural History (U.S.) Division of Phanerogams  Search this
Morton, C. V (Conrad Vernon) 1905-1972  Search this
Wurdack, J. J  Search this
Shetler, Stanwyn G  Search this
Nicolson, Dan H (Dan Henry) 1933-2016  Search this
Wasshausen, Dieter C  Search this
Skog, Laurence E  Search this
Faden, Robert B  Search this
Funk, V. A (Vicki A.) 1947-  Search this
Kress, W. John  Search this
Wagner, Warren Lambert  Search this
Acevedo-Rodríguez, Pedro  Search this
Cowan, Richard S. 1921-1997  Search this
Ernst, Wallace Roy 1928-  Search this
Fosberg, F. Raymond (Francis Raymond) 1908-1993  Search this
Kirkbride, Joseph H  Search this
Leonard, E. C (Emery Clarence) 1892-1968  Search this
Rudd, Velva E  Search this
Sachet, Marie-Hélène  Search this
Simpson, Beryl Brintnall  Search this
Smith, Albert C (Albert Charles) 1906-1999  Search this
Smith, Lyman B  Search this
Walker, Egbert H (Egbert Hamilton) 1899-1991  Search this
Read, Robert W. 1931-  Search this
United States National Museum Division of Phanerogams  Search this
United States National Museum Department of Botany  Search this
Mixed archival materials
1947-circa 1991
Agency History
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The Division of Phanerogams was created at the time of the establishment of the Department of Botany in 1947. Around 1991, the Division ceased to be an administrative entity within the Department of Botany.
Curators and research staff of the Division of Phanerogams included Albert C. Smith, Curator, 1947-1956; E. C. (Emery Clarence) Leonard, Associate Curator, 1947-1962; C. V. (Conrad Vernon) Morton, Associate Curator, 1947-1948; Egbert H. (Egbert Hamilton) Walker, Associate Curator, 1947-1959; Lyman B. Smith, Associate Curator, Curator, and Senior Botanist, 1947-1974; Velva E. Rudd, Assistant Curator, Associate Curator, and Curator, 1948-1973; Richard S. Cowan, Associate Curator, Curator, and Senior Botanist, 1957-1962, 1973-1985; J. J. Wurdack, Associate Curator and Curator, 1960-1991; Stanwyn G. Shetler, Assistant Curator, Associate Curator, and Curator, 1962-1991; Wallace Roy Ernst, Associate Curator and Curator, 1963-1971; Dan H. (Dan Henry) Nicolson, Associate Curator and Curator, 1964-1991; Dieter C. Wasshausen, Assistant Curator, Associate Curator, and Curator, 1969- ; and F. Raymond (Francis Raymond) Fosberg, Curator and Senior Botanist, 1970-1978.
Staff have also included Marie-Hélène Sachet, Associate Curator, 1970-1986; Beryl Britnall Simpson, Associate Curator, 1972-1979; Robert W. Read, Associate Curator, 1973-1989; Laurence E. Skog, Associate Curator and Curator, 1973-1991; Joseph H. Kirkbride, Associate Curator, 1976-1979; Robert B. Faden, Associate Curator, 1979-1991; V. A. (Vicki A.) Funk, Associate Curator and Curator, 1982- ; W. John Kress, Associate Curator, 1988-1991; Warren Lambert Wagner, Associate Curator, 1988-1991; and Pedro Acevedo-Rodríguez, Associate Curator, 1989-1991.
For a history of the larger creating unit, refer to "Forms part of" above.
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