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National Museum of Natural History (U.S.) Division of Mammals  Search this
Coues, Elliott 1842-1899  Search this
True, Frederick William 1858-1914  Search this
Miller, Gerrit S (Gerrit Smith) 1869-1956  Search this
Lyon, Marcus Ward 1875-1942  Search this
Hollister, N (Ned) 1876-1924  Search this
Kellogg, Remington 1892-1969  Search this
Gilmore, Raymond M (Raymond Maurice) 1907-1983  Search this
Setzer, Henry W  Search this
Handley, Charles O (Charles Overton) 1924-2000  Search this
Thorington, Richard W  Search this
Mead, James G  Search this
Carleton, Michael D  Search this
Johnson, David H (David Horn) 1912-1996  Search this
Baird, Spencer Fullerton 1823-1887  Search this
Helgen, K. M (Kristofer M.)  Search this
United States National Museum  Search this
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The collection of mammals under the care of the Smithsonian was begun in 1850 when Spencer F. Baird, the newly appointed Assistant Secretary, came to the Institution and brought his private collection. The Department of Mammals was established in the United States National Museum (USNM) in 1880. In 1897, as a result of a reorganization of the USNM, it became the Division of Mammals of the newly created Department of Biology. In 1947, the Division came under the administrative control of the Department of Zoology, and in 1964 became a division of the newly established Department of Vertebrate Zoology.
The Division of Mammals houses one of the most important collections of mammals in the world. With nearly 570,000 specimens, it is by far the world's largest, roughly twice the size of the next largest mammal collection. The Division performs a variety of collection management activities including accessioning and cataloging new collections, preparing specimens, and loaning specimens to researchers unable to visit the Division. Divisional curators undertake original research programs which often utilize the collections.
Curators of the Division of Mammals have included Elliott Coues, Honorary Curator, 1880-1883; Frederick William True, Curator, 1883-1909; Gerrit S. Miller, Assistant Curator and Curator, 1898-1940; Marcus Ward Lyon, Aid and Assistant Curator, 1898-1909; Ned Hollister, Assistant Curator, 1910-1916; Remington Kellogg, Assistant Curator and Curator, 1928-1948; David H. Johnson, Associate Curator and Curator, 1941-1967; Raymond M. Gilmore, Associate Curator, 1944-1947; Henry W. Setzer, Associate Curator and Curator, 1949-1979; Charles O. Handley, Assistant Curator, Associate Curator, and Curator, 1950-1999; Richard W. Thorington, Associate Curator, 1969-1976, Curator, 1976-2015, and Curator Emeritus, 2015-2017; James G. Mead, Assistant Curator, Associate Curator, and Curator, and Curator Emeritus, 1972- ; Michael D. Carleton, Assistant Curator, Associate Curator, and Curator,1979- ; and Kristopher M. Helgen, Curator, and Curator in Charge, 2008- .
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