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United States National Museum Division of Insects  Search this
Ashmead, William H (William Harris) 1855-1908  Search this
Riley, Charles V (Charles Valentine) 1843-1895  Search this
Howard, L. O (Leland Ossian) 1857-1950  Search this
Blackwelder, Richard E  Search this
Cartwright, Oscar Ling  Search this
Chapin, Edward Albert 1894-  Search this
Clarke, J. F. Gates (John Frederick Gates) 1905-1990  Search this
Crabill, Ralph E  Search this
Davis, Donald R (Donald Ray)  Search this
Duckworth, W. Donald  Search this
Dyar, Harrison G (Harrison Gray) 1866-1929  Search this
Field, William D. 1914-1992  Search this
Flint, Oliver S  Search this
Hoffmann, William Edwin 1896-  Search this
Smith, John Bernhard 1858-1912  Search this
Spangler, Paul J  Search this
Linell, Martin L  Search this
Crawford, James Chamberlain  Search this
Glance, Grace E  Search this
Parfin, Sophy  Search this
Aldrich, John Merton 1866-1934  Search this
Physical description:
20.75 cu. ft. processed holdings
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Consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence, receipts, and annual and monthly reports for the Division of Insects regarding determination, distribution, acquisition and loan of specimens; and other scientific matters.
Curators and research staff of the Division represented in these materials include Charles V. Riley, Honorary Curator, 1881-1895; L.O. Howard, Honorary Curator, 1895-1950; John Bernhard Smith, Assistant Curator,1886-1889; Martin L. Linell, Aid, 1889-1896; William Harris Ashmead, Assistant Curator, 1897- 1908; Harrison G. Dyar, Acting Assistant Curator, 1907-1908; James Chamberlain Crawford, Assistant Curator and Associate Curator, 1908-1919; John Merton Aldrich, Associate Curator, 1919-1934; Edward Albert Chapin, Curator, 1934-1954; Richard E. Blackwelder, Assistant Curator and Associate Curator, 1940-1954; William Edwin Hoffmann, Associate Curator, 1944-1948; William DeWitt Field, Associate Curator, 1948-1963; Grace E. Glance, Associate Curator, 1948-1957; Oscar Ling Cartwright, Associate Curator, 1948-1963; Sophy Parfin, Assistant Curator, 1951-1959; J.F. Gates Clarke, Curator, 1954-1963; Ralph E. Crabill, Jr., Associate Curator, 1956-1963; Oliver S. Flint, Associate Curator, 1961-1963; Donald R. Davis, Associate Curator, 1961- 1963; Paul J. Spangler, Associate Curator, 1962-1963; and W.D Donald Duckworth, 1962-1963.
Repository Loc.:
Smithsonian Institution Archives, Capital Gallery, Suite 3000, MRC 507; 600 Maryland Avenue, SW; Washington, DC 20024-2520
Entomology  Search this
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SIA RS00279
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Correspondence 1878-1963 [United States National Museum Division of Insects]
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Smithsonian Institution Archives