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Clarke, J. F. Gates (John Frederick Gates) 1905-1990  Search this
Davis, Donald R (Donald Ray)  Search this
Flint, Oliver S  Search this
Spangler, Paul J  Search this
Krombein, Karl V  Search this
Hurd, Paul David 1921-  Search this
Mathis, Wayne N  Search this
McGinley, Ronald J  Search this
Coddington, Jonathan A  Search this
Robbins, Robert K  Search this
Burns, John McLauren  Search this
Erwin, Terry L. 1940-  Search this
Froeschner, Richard C  Search this
Polhemus, Dan A (Dan Avery)  Search this
Schultz, Theodore R  Search this
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This is an agency history. It does not describe actual records. The Smithsonian Institution Archives uses these histories as brief accounts of the origin, development, and functions of an office or administrative unit to set that unit in its historical context. To find information on record holdings, please double-click the highlighted field "Creator/Author", which will open on a brief view of relevant records.
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The Department of Entomology was established in 1963 as part of a reorganization in the Museum of Natural History. At that time, the Division of Insects of the Department of Zoology became the new Department of Entomology. Five divisions were created within the new department: Neuropteroids (after 1974, Neuropteroids and Diptera); Lepidoptera (from 1968 to 1974, Lepidoptera and Diptera); Coleoptera; Hemiptera (intermittently from 1968 to 1984, Hemiptera and Hymenoptera); and Myriapoda and Arachnida. In 1984, a separate Division of Hymenoptera was established. Around 1991, divisions ceased to exist as administrative structures within the Department.
Chairmen of the Department of Entomology have included J. F. Gates Clarke, 1963-1965; Karl V. Krombein, 1965-1971; Paul David Hurd, 1971-1976; Donald R. Davis, 1976-1981; Wayne N. Mathis, 1981-1987; Ronald J. McGinley, 1987-1992; Jonathan A. Coddington, 1992-1997; and Robert K. Robbins, 1997- .
Curators and Research Entomologists of the Department since 1991 have included John McLauren Burns (Lepidoptera), 1991- ; Jonathan A. Coddington (Arachnida), 1991- ; Donald R. Davis (Lepidoptera), 1991- ; Terry L. Erwin (Coleoptera), 1991- ; Oliver S. Flint, (Trichoptera), 1991- ; Richard C. Froeschner (Hemiptera), 1991- ; Karl V. Krombein (Hymenoptera), 1991- ; Wayne N. Mathis (Diptera), 1991- ; Ronald J. McGinley (Hymenoptera), 1991- ; Robert K. Robbins (Lepidoptera), 1991- ; Paul J. Spangler (Coleoptera), 1991- ; Dan A. Polhemus (Hemiptera), 1995- ; and Theodore R. Schultz (Hymenoptera), 1995- .
For a history of the larger creating unit, refer to "Forms part of" above.
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