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Charles D. Walcott Collection, 1851-1940 and undated

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Walcott, Charles D (Charles Doolittle) 1850-1927  Search this
Walcott, Benjamin Stuart 1895-1917  Search this
Jenny, Adele  Search this
Ulrich, E. O (Edward Oscar) 1857-1944  Search this
Bassler, Ray S (Ray Smith) 1878-  Search this
Resser, Charles Elmer 1889-1943  Search this
Carnegie Institution of Washington  Search this
George Washington Memorial Association  Search this
United States Committee on Organization of Government Scientific Work  Search this
United States National Museum Division of Stratigraphic Paleontology  Search this
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Smithsonian Institution Assistant Secretary in charge of the United States National Museum  Search this
Physical description:
107.82 cu. ft. (16 record storage boxes) (84 document boxes) (1 half document box) (1 12x17 box) (2 16x20 boxes) (8 5x8 boxes) (oversized materials and framed panoramas)
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Collection descriptions
1851-1940 and undated
During his tenure at USGS Walcott maintained an association with the United States National Museum (USNM). From 1882 to 1883 he was an Honorary Assistant Curator in the Department of Invertebrate Fossils. From 1883 to 1893 he was Honorary Curator in the Department of Invertebrate Fossils (Paleozoic). Subsequently, he served as Honorary Curator, Department of Paleontology, 1894-1897; Acting Assistant Secretary in Charge of the United States National Museum, 1897-1898; and Honorary Curator, 1897-1904, and Curator, 1905-1907, Division of Stratigraphic Paleontology.
(1) Personal correspondence, 1873-1928 and undated; (2) family correspondence and related materials, 1851-1922 and undated; (3) correspondence and related materials concerning B. Stuart Walcott, 1916-1929 and undated; (4) legal documents and financial records, 1891-1926 and undated; (5) diaries, 1870-1927; (6) scrapbooks and newspaper clippings, 1873-1927; (7) biographies and obituaries, 1914-1928, 1934-1939 and undated; (8) degrees and honors, 1892-1927; (9) speeches, 1898-1925 and undated; (10) United States Geological Survey correspondence, reports, and related materials, 1879-1898, 1903-1904, 1909, 1916 and undated; (11) manuscripts, 1879-1883, 1892, 1908, 1920 and undated; (12) field notes and drawings, 1876-1930, 1934, 1940 and undated; (13) Carnegie Institution of Washington correspondence, minutes, reports, financial records, and related materials, 1901-1929 and undated; (14) National Academy of Sciences and National Research Council correspondence, minutes, and related materials, 1896, 1909-1911, 1921-1922 and undated; (15) Washington Academy of Sciences correspondence and related materials, 1897-1904; (16) United States National Museum, Washington Academy of Sciences, and National Academy of Sciences correspondence and related materials, 1884-1901, 1918 and undated; (17) George Washington Memorial Association correspondence and related materials, 1898-1924 and undated; (18) photographs, 1860, 1868, 1895-1925 and undated; (19) publications, 1875-1928 and undated; (20) add acquisition, 1881-1898, 1911-1912, 1921 and undated; (21) correspondence, photographs, notes, and lists on Cambrian and pre-Cambrian algae, 1906-1925
This collection consists of personal, professional, and official papers of Walcott and his family; some of the papers postdate Walcott's death. Included are diaries, 1870-1927, which document many of Walcott's official, personal and family activities; personal correspondence which documents Walcott's participation on several governmental committees such as the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics and the Committee on Organization of Government Scientific Work, as well as several private conservation groups, and his appointment as Director of the United States Geological Survey; family correspondence with relatives and his immediate family concerning their investments, the deaths of two of his sons and one of his wives; correspondence concerning the role of his son, B. Stuart Walcott, in World War I and plans for memorials for him and his flying corps, the Lafayette Escadrille; family legal documents and financial records; scrapbooks and newspaper clippings documenting the activities of Walcott and his family, especially concerning his appointment as Secretary of the Smithsonian; biographical materials prepared by Walcott as well as others, including correspondence and an unpublished biography of Walcott by Adele Jenny; degrees and honors; popular, scientific, and official speeches; correspondence documenting part of Walcott's tenure with the United States Geological Survey as well as reports of his USGS research and participation on several conservation committees and a government organization study committee; drafts of manuscripts, drawings of geologic formations, and field notes, including some by Charles Elmer Resser, Ray S. Bassler, and Edward Oscar Ulrich, documenting Walcott's research in geology; photographs of Walcott, his family, and geologic formations, with special emphasis on the Rocky Mountains; records, including correspondence, minutes of various boards and committees, and reports documenting Walcott's active role in the Carnegie Institution of Washington, the National Academy of Sciences, the National Research Council, the Washington Academy of Sciences, and the George Washington Memorial Association; publications of Walcott and related ones by other scientists; and correspondence, photographs, notes, and lists documenting Walcott's research on Cambrian and pre-Cambrian algae.
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Smithsonian Institution Archives, Capital Gallery, Suite 3000, MRC 507; 600 Maryland Avenue, SW; Washington, DC 20024-2520
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SIA RU007004
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