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Correspondence and Memoranda, 1860-1908

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Smithsonian Institution Assistant Secretary in charge of the United States National Museum  Search this
Palmer, Edward 1831-1911  Search this
Abbott, William Louis 1860-1936  Search this
Atwater, W. O (Wilbur Olin) 1844-1907  Search this
Bowdish, Beecher S  Search this
Boyd, S. H. 1828-1894  Search this
Brown, John Croumbie  Search this
Calkins, C. G  Search this
Camp, John H  Search this
Capron, Horace 1804-1885  Search this
Chamberlain, Frances Lea  Search this
Collins, J. W (Joseph William) 1839-1904  Search this
Deschamps, Emile 1857-  Search this
Geisler, Bruno  Search this
Harris, Israel H. 1823-  Search this
Jeffreys, John Gwyn 1809-1885  Search this
Jouy, Pierre Louis  Search this
Kerr, Mark Brickell  Search this
King, C. A  Search this
LeBaron, John Francis  Search this
MacFarlane, R (Roderick) 1833-1920  Search this
Montcrieffe, R. B  Search this
Nelson, Edward William 1855-1934  Search this
Orcutt, Charles Russell 1864-1929  Search this
Peary, Robert E (Robert Edwin) 1856-1920  Search this
Perkins, Frederick Stanton 1832-1899  Search this
Richmond, Charles Wallace 1868-1932  Search this
Shufeldt, Percy W  Search this
Snyder, D. W  Search this
Stearns, Winfrid Alden 1852-1909  Search this
Stein, Robert U.S. Geological Survey  Search this
Wilcox, Timothy E  Search this
Woolfe, Henry D  Search this
Chaillé-Long, C (Charles) 1842-1917  Search this
Safford, William Edwin 1859-1926  Search this
Miller, Alfred Jacob 1810-1874  Search this
Chatelain, Héli  Search this
Cluss, Adolph 1825-1905  Search this
Hippisley, Alfred Edward d. 1939  Search this
Keam, Thomas V  Search this
MacGowan, D. J. physician  Search this
Pringle, Cyrus G (Cyrus Guernsey) 1838-1911  Search this
Shufeldt, Robert W (Robert Wilson) 1850-1934  Search this
Rockhill, William Woodville 1854-1914  Search this
Thomas, Cyrus 1825-1910  Search this
Ogden, Herbert Gouverneur 1846-1906  Search this
Williams, Talcott 1849-1928  Search this
Brown, William Harvey Dr  Search this
Arts and Industries Building (Washington, D.C.)  Search this
Bradley Collection of Fossils  Search this
Cardwell Collection of Egyptian Antiquities  Search this
Medicinal Flora of America Commission  Search this
Owen Collection of Fossils  Search this
Riggs Collection of Arms and Armor  Search this
Troost Collection of Crinoids  Search this
United States-Mexican International Boundary Commission (1891-1894)  Search this
Ball Herbarium  Search this
United States National Museum Section of Naval Architecture  Search this
United States National Museum  Search this
United States National Museum Section of Foods  Search this
Greely Relief Expedition (1884)  Search this
Illustrated American Expedition to Southern Utah and Northern New Mexico  Search this
United States Navy Expedition to Guam (1899)  Search this
Physical description:
76.58 cu. ft. (151 document boxes) (3 5x8 boxes)
Mixed archival materials
Collection descriptions
Other title:
Incoming Correspondence
For a description of the record series of which these materials are a part, refer to "Forms part of" above.
Alphabetic by correspondent
This record unit comprises the primary incoming correspondence of the officer in immediate charge of the United States National Museum.
These records chiefly document museum accessions and Smithsonian expeditions and field collecting trips. Other topics include operations of certain museum divisions, and miscellaneous subjects. Accession records include: Alfred E. Hippisley Collection of Chinese Porcelain, 1909-1912; Horace Capron Collection of Japanese Art; John Croumbie Brown publications and manuscripts; Frances Lea Chamberlain collection of gems and minerals; Cardwell collection of Egyptian antiquities; Riggs collection of armor; Israel H. Harris fossil collection; Owen collection of fossils; J. Gwyn Jeffreys collection of shells; Thomas V. Keam collection of pottery; Chinese musical instruments; Frederick S. Perkins collection of copper implements; Troost collection of Crinoids; Robert Wilson Shufeldt collection of birds; Bradley collection of fossils; Ball Herbarium; Talcott Williams collection of Moroccan flora.
Records related to Smithsonian expeditions and field work include: William Louis Abbott collecting work, 1889-1901, in Central Africa, Somaliland, Kashmir, Turkestan, Siam, Burma; Beecher S. Bowdish collecting work in Puerto Rico and Cuba, 1901-1902; S. H. Boyd collecting work in Siam; William Harvey Brown collecting work in Africa; C. G. Calkins collecting work in Japan; John H. Camp collecting work in Africa; Charles Chaille-Long collecting work in Egypt; Heli Chatelain collecting work in Africa; Emile Deschamps collecting work in the Orient; Bruno Geisler collecting work in New Guinea; United States Navy expedition to Guam, 1899; Greely Relief Expedition, 1884; Pierre Louis Jouy collecting work in Arizona and New Mexico; Mark Brickell Kerr collecting work in Central and South America; C. A. King collecting work in Central America; John Francis Lebaron collecting work in Nicaragua; Roderick Ross MacFarlane collecting work in Canada; D. J. MacGowan collecting work in China and Manchuria; Mexican-United States Boundary Commission; A. J. Miller collecting work in Central America; R. B. Montcrieffe collecting work in Nicaragua; Edward William Nelson collecting work in Arizona; Herbert Gouvernour Ogden collecting work in Alaska; Charles Russell Orcutt collecting work in Mexico; Edward Palmer collecting work in Florida; Robert Edwin Peary Expedition to Northern Greenland; Cyrus Guernsey Pringle collecting work in Mexico; Illustrated American Expedition to Southern Utah and Northern New Mexico; Charles Wallace Richmond collecting work in Central America; William Woodville Rockhill Expedition to China and Tibet; William Edwin Safford collecting work in South America; Percy W. Shufeldt collecting work in Mexico; Robert Wilson Shufeldt collecting work in Louisiana; D. W. Snyder collecting work in Africa; Winfrid Alden Stearns Expedition to Labrador; Robert Stein Expedition to Ellesmere Land; Cyrus Thomas anthropological excavations in Pennsylvania and Ohio; Timothy E. Wilcox collecting work in Arizona; Henry D. Woolfe collecting work in Alaska and South America.
Records related to the origin or operation of subdivisions of the United States National Museum include: correspondence of Joseph William Collins, Section of Naval Architecture, United States National Museum; correspondence of Adolph Cluss regarding construction of United States National Museum building, 1881; correspondence of Wilbur Olin Atwater as Honorary Curator, Section of Foods, United States National Museum.
Miscellaneous topics include: Mexican-United States International Boundary Commission, 1891-1894; Smithsonian participation in the Medicinal Flora of America Commission.
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Smithsonian Institution Archives, Capital Gallery, Suite 3000, MRC 507; 600 Maryland Avenue, SW; Washington, DC 20024-2520
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