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Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 20
"Hasenclever laid the foundation of his fame by the production of these three pictures. They are remarkable for keen satire and nice discrimination of character. They are intended as illustrations of a popular German poem called 'The Jobsiade,' A sort of pasquinade in verse, caricaturing the career of a German student, and ridiculing the system of education at German universities sixty years ago. No. 19 is the sketch of a larger picture, containing more figures, which has obtained a European reputation. It has been engraved, and the price of impressions is unusually low, considering the number of figures in the plate. Subscriptions are received at the exhibition room. " The title-page of The Jobsiade reads as follows: 'The life, opinions, actions and fate of hieronimus jobs: the candidate. 'And how he whilome won great renown,/ and died as night-watch in Schildeburg town, . . . the subjoined translations by the Rev. T.C. Brooks, of the 14th and 15th chapters of the work, will serve, to some extent, as a key to the humorous features of the pictures. . . ." [P. 29-38; 9 pages of the poem reproduced in catalogue were not reproduced in this serial. See serials 05200018 through 05200020 index the three pictures of the series.]
Catalogue of Paintings, by Artists of the Dusseldorf Academy of Fine Arts. New York: J.W. Bell, Book and Job Printers, 36 Ann Street, corner of Nassau, 1857.
Artist address: Dusseldorf.
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