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Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 77 (Sale info: For Sale).
This picture was one of the last and most mature works of the late Thomas Cole, the celebrated painter of "The Voyage of Life." Mr. F. Church, who was then his pupil, has recently testified to the value set upon it. We subjoin the following extract from Noble's Life of Thomas Cole; it will be found of interest: "The picture, of which he speaks, called the 'Mill at Sunset,' is one of those rare creations of the pencil that touch the thoughtful beholder like a rich and tender melody. If the expression may be allowed, it is a pictured song; one of the finest songs too, and most beautifully pictured. The manifold sounds and activities of the day are so far quieted that the cattle, ruminating or grazing in the luxuriant pasture, the children sporting on the flowery green, and the busy mill, are left in striking characteristics of the scene, and sing to the heart, while the rich vesture of the month, the glassy lake, reflecting the quiet beauty of the floating clouds, and all bathed in the day's last delicious light, fill the senses and entrance the soul. For beauty of composition, fine coloring, graceful line and delicacy of touch, and that moist, living air, so peculiar to Cole, few of his pictures are superior to the 'Mill at Sunset.'" [P. 8.]
Buffalo Fine Arts Academy. 1866. Price twenty-five cents. Gallery of the Buffalo Fine Arts Academy, Young Men's Association Buildings, Buffalo, N.Y. Academy Instituted November 11, 1862. Incorporated December 4, 1862. Gallery opened December 23, 1862. Buffalo: Franklin Printing House. Thomas, Typographer. 1866.
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