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The Trial of Christ in Cabinet Size, (sculpture)

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This is a fac-simile, on a reduced scale, of the "TRIAL," which has gained the approbation of the intelligent in the principal cities of the United States. In presenting this interesting subject for exhibition, the artist wishes to state the following circumstance:--A few years since some workmen were employed in excavating the earth to a considerable depth at the city of Vienne, near Lyons, on the river Rhone, in France. These workmen came to a large rock, upon one side of which was engraved a representation of the Trial of Christ; and under each figure was inscribed the name of the person represented, . . . This engraving is supposed to have been the work of Pontius Pilate himself. . . . From this engraving an exact drawing was made, from which this beautiful group has been faithfully copied in statuary . . . . [Pp. 21-22; see entry 03360001 for additional commentary accompanying this entry.]
Grand Exhibition of Statuary; executed by Mrs. W. Pelby, consisting of Groups, representing the following important and interesting subjects, the size of life. The Trial of Christ, Abraham Offering His Son Isaac as a Sacrifice, Christ Forgiving the Woman Taken in Sin, Picture of Selfishness in contrast with Benevolence, The Intemperate Family, The Birth of Christ, and in Miniature or Cabinet Size, The Last Supper, The Trial of Christ, The Miraculous Draught of Fishes, The Saviour on the Cross, Scene on the Mohawk. Boston. Hooton's Press, Haskin's Building. 1846.
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