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Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 34
A scene from the well-known Opera of the same name. SCENE III. Pierotto appears on the hill. He descends pensively, and begins to play his usual tune. Linda appears on the top of the hill, and falteringly follows the sound of the music, till she reaches a bench, on which she falls exhausted. PIEROTTO--"In this way have we travel'd/ Two hundred leagues! Every morning, when/ I have wished her the journey to pursue,/ I have caused her to hear this tune--/ Which, notwithstanding her madness,/ Of her dear mother reminds her, and in her breast/ Both strength and courage revive." Copy of FERERO, by A. RATTI, ROME. [P. 7.]
Catalogue of Pictures and Statuary, in the Art Gallery at Woodward's Gardens, on Fourteenth Street, between Mission and Valencia Streets. San Francisco: Jos. Winterburn & Co., Printers and Electrotypers, No. 417 Clay Street, below Sansome. 1869.
Artist address: Rome.
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