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Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 97
This thrilling picture is a replicate by Muller of his renowned masterpiece in the Luxemburg Gallery, at Paris. It is a striking example of how much more powerful may be the artist who paints pictures than he who writes books. Within the brief limits of this canvas, the tragic story of the Revolution of '93 is more vividly told than in the romances of Dumas or the histories of Michelet and Carlyle. The spectacle before us takes place at the Conciergerie, in the "chamber of those condemned to death." This chamber is below the level of the ground, and is inclosed by stone walls, seven and ten feet thick. The daylight comes to it only through a narrow air hole, protected by strong iron bars. This den of dreadful history is entered by a door, which opens upon the long corridor leading to the grand vaulted hall of the prison. Thus securely surrounded, it is explained why this place should have been selected for its somber and sinister office. Escape from it was impossible. Even at the present time, the visitor entering this dark, dank chamber is chilled with mysterious dread. What must have been the horror of the thousands who, taken from their different prisons, were day by day brought here? With what an indescribable intensity did they listen to the reading of the roll, which called them to the sunlight and to death. [P. 17; key on p. 16 identifies individuals in the work as: C.F.S. De Saint-Simon, M'lle De Coigny, T.R. Stainville Grimaldy, Princesse de Monaco, A.M.F. Nonaut Piercourt, Comtesse de Narbonne Pelet., F.R.B. Bessejouls, Marquis de Roquelauve, J.A. Roucher, M.C. Lepelletier, M.A. Leroy, C.J.F. Manneville, J.L.M. Auconne, T. Meyneir, A. Leguay, J.F. Antie, Dit Leonard.]
Exhibition of Paintings, Engravings, Drawings, Aquarelles, and Works of Household Art, in the Cincinnati Industrial Exposition. MDCCCLXXIV. Entered, according to act of Congress, in the year 1874.
Artist address: Paris.
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