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Sunset in the Tyrol. Scene in the Sarn Valley near Botzen, (painting)

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Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 91 (Sale info: $5000.00).
. . . In the Tyrolean Alps, near Botzen, our artist found a grand subject for his pencil. The hour is near sunset. In the west, above the mountain crest, the moon, past the full, is seen peering through a veil of thin cloud. . . . The horizon is bounded by the crests and peaks of a mountain range that runs from the northwest to the southeast. On the left, the base and lower slope of a hill, one of the mountain spurs, densely wooded, is seen rising from the margin of a lake. Over the top of this hill a flood of sunlight pours, striking the mountain peaks obliquely and lighting up their snows with orange and gold. In the middle distance, on a lofty promotory that juts perpendicularly from the center of the range, are the ruins of the castle of Raffenstein, a monument of the feudal ages. . . . On the right and back, the mountains stretch away and are lost in the distance. The trees at the base of the mountains in the foreground and middle distance are in full leaf, and, as they are not evergreens, they reveal to us that the season is not winter, . . . Just on the right of the castle a cascade leaps down the precipice. . . . It is, through a part of its course, lost again among the trees at the base of the mountain wall, but comes to light once more falling into the lake at the mountain's base. This clear sheet of water occupies the foreground, . . . [Pp. 27-30.]
Catalogue of German and Italian Paintings, collected in Europe by L.C. Hopkins, Cincinnati, Ohio. 1868. Cincinnati: Press of Robert Clarke & Co., 65 West Fourth Street.
Artist address: Munich.
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