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Return from a Conference, (painting)

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Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. 55
Received second class medal (Genre et Paysage) 1849; and first class medal 1857 and 1861. [P. 8.] This picture enjoys a twofold reputation on account of the sensation it created with the French police authorities by whom its exhibition was prohibited; and further for having the great Philosopher P.J. Proudhon an opportunity of writing a whole volume upon Courbet and the art of painting. It is a lively and witty satyre suggested by the customs of the Catholic province of "Franche-Comte." It vexed the police and the clergy and spoiled their temper . . . Upon the high road sloping Down from the village, at the foot of a hill crowned by gray tinted rocks, under a sky radiant with light, a group of dark men are seen advancing. They are priests and on their "Return from the conference" namely from a brother priest's house where they have settled several points of theology and the contents of numerous bottles of wine. . . . Noisy, sweating, shaking, joking at the hour when the laborer works and toils deep into the rugged soil, the pious Cortege moves on. Two laborers at work, man and wife, upon hearing all this noise and merriment, have approached the roadside from the field and are looking on. The sight is so comical that the husband bursts into laughter, while his more pious wife recognizes the Church and kneels down in worship. Castagnary. [Pp. 9-10.]
1866 First Exhibition in New York of Pictures the contributions of Artists of the French Etching Club open daily: from nine a.m. until five p.m., and in the evening from seven to ten o'clock at the Fine Arts Gallery 625 Broadway. Le Messager Franco-Americain Printing Office 51 Liberty Street. 1866.
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