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Tam O'Shanter, Souter Johnny, and the Landlord and Landlady, (sculpture)

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Ayrshire stone
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Exhibition. Tam O'Shanter, Souter Johnny, and the LandLord and Landlady, Executed in Hard Ayrshire Stone, by the Self-taught Artist, Mr. J. Thom. These figures . . . are cut out of a solid block of hard stone, without either model or drawing. . . . The subject of the group is taken from Burns' poem, Tam O'Shanter. . . . The scene selected by the Artist is in the Ale-house, where "Ae market night/ Tam had got planted unco right,/ Wi' reaming swats that drank divinely." He is therefore the principal figure, and with the second "Souter Johnny,/ His ancient, trusty, drouthy crony;" who is placed "At his elbow," forms the center of the grouP. . . . Tam's hapPiness discovers itself in his "Growing gracious" with the landlady. Seated between her, and the souter, he has half raised the cup to his mouth, when some Gay jest escapes it. . . . [The landLord] has fully resigned himself to all the comforts of his resting place, with the leisure of one whose affairs are under the direction of his better half--a state of bliss to which he has undoubtedly been brought by "Many lengthened sage advices." . . . [Pp. 1-3; entry includes excerpts from the contemporary English press.]
Exhibition. Tam O'Shanter, Souter Johnny, and the Landlord and Landlady, executed in Hard Ayrshire Stone, by the self-taught Artist, Mr. J. Thom.
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