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Merry Wives of Windsor. Act II. Scene I., (graphics)

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Appears in exhibition catalog as entry no. II
No. II. Merry Wives of Windsor. Act II. Scene I. Before Page's House. Mrs. Page with a letter, Mrs. Ford with another. Painted by Mr. PETERS. Engraved by R. THEW. Mrs. Page. What% have I 'scap'd love-letters in the holiday time of my beauty, and am I now a subject for them* Let me see: (Reads.) Ask me no reason why I love you; for though love aie reason for his precision, he admits him not for his counseller: You are not young, no more am I: go to, then, there's sympathy: you are merry, so am I; Ha% Ha% then there's more sympathy: you love lack, and so do I; would you desire better sympathy* Let it suffice thee, mistress Page (at the least, if the love of a soldier can suffice) that I love thee. I will not say, pity me; 'tis not a soldier-like phrase: but I say, love me. By me, Thine own true knight,/ By day or night,/ Or any kind of light,/ with all my might,/ For thee to fight. John Falstaff. Mrs. Ford. Why this is the very same, the very hand, the very words: What doth he think of us* Mrs. Page. Nay, I know not; it makes me almost ready to wrangle with mine own honesty. [P. 3.]
Catalogue of the Pictures, &c. in the Shakspeare Gallery, No. 11, Park, New-York.
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