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Thomas Sully, 19 Jun 1783 - 5 Nov 1872  Search this
George Washington, 22 Feb 1732 - 14 Dec 1799  Search this
Henry Knox, 25 Jul 1750 - 25 Oct 1806  Search this
Daniel Morgan, 1736 - 6 Jul 1802  Search this
Nathanael Greene, 7 Aug 1742 - 19 Jun 1786  Search this
Prince Whipple, 1750 - 1850?  Search this
Ink, wash, and pencil on paper
55.2 x 75.6cm (21 3/4 x 29 3/4")
c. 1819
Costume\Headgear\Hat  Search this
Exterior\Landscape  Search this
Nature & Environment\Animal\Horse  Search this
Vehicle\Boat  Search this
Equipment\Sports Equipment\Equestrian Gear\Reins  Search this
Weapon\Sword\Saber  Search this
Weapon\Cannon  Search this
Nature & Environment\Water\River  Search this
Costume\Footwear\Boots  Search this
Human Figures  Search this
George Washington: Male  Search this
George Washington: Military\Army\Officer\Revolution  Search this
George Washington: Politics and Government\Statesman\Colonial Statesman  Search this
George Washington: Natural Resources\Agriculturist\Farmer  Search this
George Washington: Military\Army\Officer\General  Search this
George Washington: Politics and Government\President of US  Search this
George Washington: Science and Technology\Engineer\Surveyor  Search this
George Washington: Congressional Gold Medal  Search this
Henry Knox: Male  Search this
Henry Knox: Military\Army\Officer\Revolution  Search this
Henry Knox: Politics and Government\Cabinet Member\Secretary of War  Search this
Henry Knox: Business and Finance\Businessperson\Merchant\Bookseller  Search this
Nathanael Greene: Male  Search this
Nathanael Greene: Military\Army\Officer\Revolution  Search this
Nathanael Greene: Military\Army\Officer\General  Search this
Nathanael Greene: Business and Finance\Businessperson\Industrialist\Manufacturer\Iron  Search this
Nathanael Greene: Congressional Gold Medal  Search this
Daniel Morgan: Male  Search this
Daniel Morgan: Military\Army\Officer\Revolution  Search this
Daniel Morgan: Politics and Government\US Congressman\Virginia  Search this
Daniel Morgan: Congressional Gold Medal  Search this
Prince Whipple: Male  Search this
Portrait  Search this
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