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# NASA data for EET 92004 Weathering: A/B Fracturing: A Fs: 43-58 mol % NTL: 0.21 ± 0.03 krad
Eight percent of the exterior of this achondrite is covered with shiny, black fusion crust Some areas have flow lines present. Areas without fusion crust show a gray matrix with abundant white minerals. Minor weathering is visible. Chipping EET92004 revealed an interior that contains rounded blebs of dark green to black pyroxene and white plagioclase with fine-grained interstitial gray material. Oxidation is heavy in one area. A black glassy vein runs through the interior.
The section shows an aggregate of subequal amounts of plagioclase and pyroxene, with a trace of opaque material; it has a gabbroic texture, with subhedral to anhedral grains averaging about 0.6 mm across. Moderate shock is indicated by granulation of the pyroxene crystals and undulose extinction of the plagioclase. Pyroxene compositions cluster around Wo₂Fs₅₇, with a few more calcic grains ranging up to Wo₁₈Fs₄₃; plagioclase composition is An₉₀₋₉₄. The meteorite is an unbrecciated eucrite.
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21 Sep 2023
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