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# NASA data for DOM 08004 Weathering: B Fracturing: B Pairing: DOM 08004 Fa: 0-51 mol % Fs: 1-15 mol % Magnetic Susceptibility: '4.89'
Dull black fusion crust, 1-2mm in thickness, covers 85% of the exteriors. The fusion crust is cracked on all the faces but the interior is not. The remaining 15% is a dark brown, fine grained matrix (006 has a 1 mm blue crystal in a vug on the Top-North end). The overall exterior of 006 has a pronounced aerodynamic shape with flow lines on the Bottom side. The interiors are a dark brown to black fine grained matrix with some mm sized white chondrules.
The sections consist of abundant small (up to 1 mm) chondrules, chondrule fragments and mineral grains in a dark matrix. Metal and sulfide occur within and rimming the chondrules. Olivine ranges in composition from Fa₀₋₅₁ and pyroxenes range from Fs₁₋₁₅. The meteorites are CO3 chondrites.
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21 Sep 2023
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