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# NASA data for PCA 02066 Weathering: B/C Fracturing: B/C Pairing: PCA 02009 Fs: 24-58 mol %
The fusion crust on these howardites range in color from brown to black and varies in thickness with some glassy spots. The interior matrix is light to medium gray in color with some rusty areas. The inclusions range from white to dark gray in color.
These meteorites are almost certainly paired with each other and with the PCA 02009 howardite group, the original description for which is reprinted below: These sections are similar enough that a single description will suffice. Each show a groundmass of comminuted pyroxene (up to 2 mm) and plagioclase with fine- to coarse-grained basaltic, impact-melt and diogentitic clasts ranging up to 3 mm. Minerals include abundant orthopyroxene with compositions ranging from Fs₁₇₋₆₀Wo₂₋₈ (Fe/Mn ~29), augite of Fs~40, plagioclase (An₉₀₋₉₅) and SiO₂. These meteorites are howardites. They are almost certainly paired with each other and with PCA 02009.
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21 Sep 2023
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Pairing Group : PCA 02009
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