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75 g
Collection Date:
# NASA data for DRP 78008 Pairing: DRP 78001
This sample was very clean and fresh when recovered in Antarctica, but on its arrival in Houston, the sample contained large quantities of rust. The B surface was touching the ground when the iron was discovered. Half of the B surface is covered with a thin coat of soil as is part of the T surface, an area ~8 cm in diameter. The overall color of the meteorite was metallic brownish-black while in the field, but now it is mostly reddish-brown due to oxidation. The meteorite is irregular but blocky. The surface is rough and has many regmaglypts. The deepest regmaglypts are ~2 cm deep and are on the B surface. The remaining surfaces have regmaglypts, however, they are not as deep as the ones on the B surface but they are wider. Silvery platy inclusions (schreibersite (?), cohenite (?), daubreelite (?) are randomly scattered over the entire meteorite. The meteorite is approximately 37 x 25 x 21 cm.
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21 Sep 2023
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Original meteorite number : DRPA78008
USNM Number:
USNM 6363
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NMNH - Mineral Sciences Dept.