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brush and ink
Tribe Moquineae H. Rob. (1994) (1927), pp. 148-149. In Kadereit, J.W. & C. Jeffrey (eds). Families and Genera of Vascular Plants, Vol. VIII. Flowering Plants-Eudicots-Fig. 38
Robinson, Harold E.
Figure A-G. Moquinia racemosa (Asteraceae). Collection: G.Gardner 4804, Brazil, Minas Gerais; A. Habit showing blunt-tipped, abaxially tomentose, alternate leaves B. Head; note homoganous condition with regular corollas C. Corolla showing tips of anthers and style; note deeply divided lobes D. Corolla in long section, one lobe removed, showing anthers and style E. STyle, showing basal node, swollen upper shaft, showing scabrid surface consistng of short sweeping hairs on upper shaft and backs of lobes, and undivided stigmatic surface inside of branches F. Anther showing long calcarate and shortly tailed bases, and apical appendage G. Achene with setulae and capilllary pappus. - 1999.
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6 May 2020
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Plantae Dicotyledonae Asterales Asteraceae Cichorioideae
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Moquinia racemosa (Spreng.) DC.
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Botanical Art Plate Link : 3848
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