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pen and ink
Flora Ilustr. Catarinense 1967 Bambuseas Est. 12
Smith, L.B. and McClure, F.A.
Drawing copied for Fl. Ilus. Catar. Vol 1, Est 33.
Merostachys ciliata (Poaceae). Collection: R. Reitz 5940, Brazil, Santa Catarina; leaf, inflorescence, floral details. - 1965.
Merostachys glauca (Poaceae). Collection: Klein and Bresolin 10588, Brazil, Santa Catarina; leaf base. - 1965.
Merostachys multiramea (Poaceae). Collection: R.M. and M.M. Klein 11026, Brazil, Santa Catarina; leaf, inflorescence, leaf base, spikelet. - 1965.
Merostachys speciosa (Poaceae). Collection: R.M. Klein 2116, Brazil, Santa Catarina; inflorescence, leaf base, spikelet. - 1965.
Merostachys vestita (Poaceae). Collection: J.R. Swallen 8290, Brazil, Santa Catarina; leaf, leaf base. - 1965.
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19 Oct 2022
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Plantae Monocotyledonae Poales Poaceae Bambusoideae
Published Name:
Merostachys multiramea Hack.
Merostachys ciliata McClure & L.B. Sm.
Merostachys glauca McClure & L.B. Sm.
Merostachys vestita McClure & L.B. Sm.
Merostachys speciosa Spreng.
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