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brush and ink
Collection Date:
1960, 1991, 1975, 1954, 1987
PhytoKeys 15: 1–104 (2012), Fig. 13
Soreng, Robert J. and Paul M. Peterson
Revision of Poa L. (Poaceae, Pooideae, Poeae, Poinae) in Mexico: new records, re-evaluation of P. ruprechtii, and two new species, P. palmeri and P. wendtii.
Figure A-D. Poa mulleri (Poaceae). Collection: J.H.Beaman 4470 (GH, MSC, TEX, US), Mexico, Nuevo León; A. spikelet, B. floret, C. palea, D. pistil. - Feb 17 2012.
Figure E–H. Poa seleri (Poaceae). Collection: Marcel de Koninck 134 (US), Guatemala, E. spikelet, F. floret, G. palea, H. pistil. - Feb 17 2012.
Figure I–L. Poa scaberula (Poaceae). Collection: P.M.Peterson 11087 & C.R.Annable (US), Mexico, Mexico; I. spikelet, J. floret, K. palea, L. pistil. - Feb 17 2012.
Figure M–O. Poa orizabensis (Poaceae). Collection: R.J.Soreng 3314 & N.Soreng (US), Mexico, Mexico; M. spikelet, N. floret, O. palea. - Feb 17 2012.
Figure P-R. Poa ruprechtii (Poaceae). Collection: G.Davidse 9771 (MO-2935776), Mexico, Oaxaca; P. spikelet, Q. floret, R. palea. - Feb 17 2012.
Record Last Modified:
30 Jun 2020
Specimen Count:
Plantae Monocotyledonae Poales Poaceae Pooideae
Published Name:
Poa ruprechtii Peyr.
Poa seleri Pilg.
Poa orizabensis Hitchc.
Poa mulleri Swallen
Poa scaberula Hook. f.
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Botanical Art Plate Link : 4771
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