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Ensign U S N John B. Bernadou  Search this
34.5 cm
29 cm
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Seoul, South Korea, Asia
Accession Date:
24 Feb 1886
From card [for all 12 paintings, E77052-0 through E77052-11]: "12 Glue-color folk paintings on paper, used for room decoration or storeroom door amulets. - Chang-su Houchins. See pp. 468-9 in "The Bernadou, Allen, and Jouy Korean Collections in the U.S. National Museum" by Walter Hough in USNM AR 1891. All 12 paintings are described there."
From card [for E77052-7]: "Yi period (1391 - 1910) talismanic painting of a white tiger with immortal plant, pulloch'o. Woodblock print colored with glue paint. Korean minhwa (folk painting). 13.5 x 11.25 in. Smithsonian Photographic Services black and white negative number 73-11094."
"Late 19th century. Color woodcut This is one of a set of four color woodcut. A tiger stands under a pine tree, viewing pulloch'o, sacred fungus. The tiger's yellow-orange fur is accented with black geometric stripes and roundels, and its tail touches the pine branch. The tiger's eyes are white circles with black pupils in an expression of watchfulness. The fungus portends longevity for the tiger, and owner of the print. It is painted in red, the color believed to repel evil spirits. The print is hung on the outside of the storeroom or on the house gate to prevent intruders. Collected in Seoul. Ref: Hough Korean Catalog p. 469; Published 00, 1974b: 51); "MBM 'Miguk bangmul-gwan sojang Hanguk munhwajae' or The Korean Relics in the United States", 1989: 149." [from: "An Ethnography of the Hermit Kingdom: The J.B. Bernadou Korean Collection 1884-1885", Chang-su Cho Houchins, 2004, number 130]
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2 Mar 2017
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