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Spiro, Le Flore County, Oklahoma, United States, North America
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30 Dec 1966
Style: Braden B Raw Material 2: Busycon sinistrum Element: Complete except distal Surface Modification: Incised Symbols: Ogee with streamer, mace with tassel, big heads, bi-lobed arrow, snake Comments: Not examined by April K. Sievert. Phillips and Brown 1978: Pl. 62 (Pre-Columbian Shell Engravings from Craig Mound at Spiro, Oklahoma. Vols I-III). Mace has tassel off of the tip. Big heads have c shaped mouths and square jaws more like Craig style. Snake on apex. Did not enter this in the database until after I had finished the analysis. Measurements not taken because I either forgot to do this shell, or did not see the shell. Perhaps it is on exhibit.
Style: Braden B Raw Material 2: Busycon sinistrum Element: Apical and body fragments, distal missing Manufacturing Notes: See drawing in Phillips and Brown (Pre-Columbian Shell Engravings from Craig Mound at Spiro, Oklahoma) 1987, PL 62 for cut away detail. Incised lines very thin and shallow. Design: Off center - one set right, another set left Surface Modification: Incised Symbols: Human heads w/falcon and streaming eyes, bi-lobed arrow, ogee with streamer, maces, perf pulley earspool, facial tattoo, beaded forelock, headdress. Residue: Fiber or something in apical fragment, and there are stains from fluid evaporation on inner, but these are scrubbed. Use Trace: Inner well scoured. Comments: Adhered to 1 frag of 448880 - apex. The 448880 fragment has been renumbered 448880-B, and the 448785 has been crossed out on the piece. I prefer using 448785 as the parent designation, even though a lot of the shell is 448880-B, because 447785 is a unique number. 2 heads have typical C shaped Craig style mouth, but the overall layout is Braden with heads on the right and ogee w/streamers on the left. I like the tassels tied to the protuberance on the corner of the crown mace. Perhaps this is what these protuberances were designed for.
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26 Mar 2020
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