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Dr. Dolores Newton  Search this
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Dr. Dolores Newton  Search this
Length - Band:
93 cm
Width - Band:
7 cm
Apinaye  Search this
Object Type:
Sao Jose, Brazil, South America
Accession Date:
24 Apr 2006
Collection Date:
Native cotton band woven with geometric pattern. Two tassels at each end made of native cotton. Tassel strings are strung with seeds (scleria?). Unevenly woven band. Dr. Newton says: this is an Apinaye sling from from the village of Mariazinha. Made by Nimok (Teresa) , a 55 y/o female for herself, for her own use. Obtained from Bucuk (Helena) a 17 y/o female. Used. Warp and Weft are both 2s cotton. Bead cordage is 2z cotton. Tassel binding is 2z tucum/caroa. Seed beads: scleria/aku. Price paid was 10 crn. Newton slides: [b12.21] Bukuk holding this sling [B8.18] Bucuk wearing this sling. Nimok is said to be the only person here who knows how to make this; she was born in Cabore village and then went to Canto do Martins (both villages of the Pukobje) and from there to Botica (Apinaye village) where her mother died; older women give the term "katsutprinmp" for it, younger women don't know term; Bucuk observed her making it and purchased it from her for glass beads. This is one of the slings with raised warp design, dubbed a "sampler" by Walschap, 1987 because it has a series of dicrete design units, rather than a single design unit, that repeats around the band - appropriate to a nostalgia piece. Also distinctive is the manner of attaching pendants to the band - using a separate strand.
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2 Dec 2014
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