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Richard K. Meyer  Search this
Donor Name:
Richard K. Meyer  Search this
Site Name:
Craig Mound  Search this
Length - Object:
ca. 18.5 cm
Width - Object:
ca. 14 cm
Thickness - Object:
ca. 24 cm
Bowl Height:
ca. 4.85 cm
Bowl Diameter:
ca. 4.45 cm
Bore Diameter:
ca. 4 cm
Stem Length:
ca. 3.57 cm
Prehistoric  Search this
Object Type:
Spiro, Le Flore County, Oklahoma, United States, North America
Accession Date:
30 Dec 1966
Style: Effigy Shape/form: Human Manufacturing Notes: Some striae from grinding visible. Incising done w/ sharp fine tool leaving V-shaped grooves. Too big to weigh. Surface Modification: Incised, smoothed Symbols: Human, beaded side-locks, double back bun Residue: Some crusty stuff in bow. Cu on base, ocher on side inside depression, so maybe this was painted. Large black stain on base as though someone set this on spilled ink or something. Use Trace: Abrasion and flaking damage on front left lower side. Comments: Squatting human pipe has stem exiting at rear and bowl opening at top behind head. The mouth of bowl and stem bore are flush w/surface. This is a huge and extremely heavy piece. Head is 8.8 cm wide and 8 cm high by 9.5 cm deep. Figure has 2 small breasts on front. Hands are on knees. Back hair bun is tied around the middle modelled by a raised band w/2 horiz. incised lines. Forehead is clearly flattened. At ear is odd-shaped motif done in bas-relief. Resembles a round tipped stemmed proj pt with a square notch on the right lateral edge of the motif. Beaded sidelocks done in relief down either side of the head. Part 1 of 2
Element: Fragment Residue: It's all residue. Comments: Weight is gross including vial. Label says "Mud removed from stone of this number before treating surface." The pipe of this number is in another drawer. This vial is stored in the box with 448670. Part 2 of 2
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1 Oct 2015
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