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Richard K. Meyer  Search this
Donor Name:
Richard K. Meyer  Search this
Site Name:
Craig Mound  Search this
Length - Object:
ca. 18.5 cm
Width - Object:
ca. 15 cm
Thickness - Object:
ca. 16 cm
Weight - Object:
ca. 0 g
Bowl Height:
ca. 3.6 cm
Bowl Diameter:
ca. 4.2 cm
Bore Diameter:
ca. 3.3 cm
Stem Length:
ca. 3.2 cm
Prehistoric  Search this
Object Type:
Spiro, Le Flore County, Oklahoma, United States, North America
Accession Date:
30 Dec 1966
Style: Effigy Raw Material 2: Fine grain Luster: LS1 Shape/form: Human/Animal Alteration: Weathered Manufacturing Notes: Both V and U shaped grooves. Horizontal tool marks in the bowl. Bird wing and leg extend farther forward than human shoulder and knee. Bird leg wears bracelet. Design: Half bird/half human. Surface Modification: Polished, incised Symbols: Eagle/human shape shifting. Residue: Have Cu on dorsal surf. Very little in bowl. Red residue only on base, ocher probably, faint as though this was rubbed w/ ochre. Use Trace: Exfoliation of surface. Comments: Similar raw material to 448665. Right side is crouching eagle w/ large wing and incised tail shape. Leg rests on foot and talons are clearly incised. Head is rounded knob w/ incised Oval design w/ V at chin. Left side is kneeling, crouching human wearing bracelets. hand in on knee and five digit are incised. Foot tucked under body. Buttock is incised around onto posterior surface and flanks stem opening. Opening is flush w/surface on both stem and bowl. Cu is on poster rim of bowl and extends onto human buttock. Incised line connects head oval to bowl. Another incised line rings the neck. Human shoulder clearly modelled. Base has 2 diagonal incised lines extending from front right to poster left. Effigy faces viewer not smoker.
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1 Oct 2015
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