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Richard K. Meyer  Search this
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Richard K. Meyer  Search this
Site Name:
Craig Mound  Search this
Length - Object:
ca. 14.7 cm
Width - Object:
ca. 5.82 cm
Thickness - Object:
ca. 7 cm
Weight - Object:
ca. 545.6 g
Bowl Height:
ca. 3.4 cm
Bowl Diameter:
ca. 3.3 cm
Bore Diameter:
ca. 2.47 cm
Stem Length:
ca. 4.4 cm
Prehistoric  Search this
Object Type:
Spiro, Le Flore County, Oklahoma, United States, North America
Accession Date:
30 Dec 1966
Style: Effigy Raw Material 2: Rough grain Luster: Dull Shape/form: Animal Condition: Chalking Alteration: Weathered, heat? Manufacturing Notes: Bowl/bore extends through top of pipe. Stem exits on animal's hind quarters and bowl exits on animal's back. Surface was once ground smooth, but most of orig surface is gone. Design: Quadruped Surface Modification: Smoothed Symbols: Puma Residue: Dark sooty in bowl Use Trace: Soot in bowl. Heated. Comments: Animal seems to be seated on haunches but raised up slightly on forelegs. Could be a feline or canine stance, but my gut reaction is feline. Actually, it looks more like a turtle than anything but this is due to the weathering of features. Badly eroded surface from chemical decomposition of the limestone probably from moisture and heating. Very friable, unlike other raw materials used for pipes. Head faces forward and is not raised. Overall slinky pose suggests cat. Animal head faces away from smoker.
Mississippian Period (AD 900 - 1500).
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25 Nov 2019
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