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Photograph by:
Tommy Oliver, American, born 1984  Search this
Subject of:
Unidentified Man or Men  Search this
Unidentified Woman or Women  Search this
George Perry Floyd Jr., American, 1973 - 2020  Search this
Breonna Taylor, American, 1993 - 2020  Search this
Ahmaud Arbery, American, 1994 - 2020  Search this
Eric Garner, 1970 - 2014  Search this
Michael Brown Jr., 1996 - 2014  Search this
Laquan McDonald, American, 1997 - 2014  Search this
Bettie Jones, American, died 2015  Search this
Pamela Turner, American, died 2019  Search this
Eric Reason, American, died 2019  Search this
Tony McDade, American, died 2020  Search this
Rodney Glen King, American, 1965 - 2012  Search this
Dominique Clayton, American, died 2020  Search this
Terrill Thomas, American, died 2016  Search this
Philando Castile, American, 1983 - 2016  Search this
Atatiana Jefferson, American, 1990 - 2019  Search this
Walter Scott, American, 1965 - 2015  Search this
Tamir Rice, 2002 - 2014  Search this
Trayvon Martin, American, 1995 - 2012  Search this
Ezell Ford, American, died 2014  Search this
H x W: 5317 pixels × 4063 pixels
File size: 123.65 MB
digital images
digital media - born digital
Place captured:
Hollywood, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, United States, North and Central America
June 14, 2020
Photographer Tommy Oliver is an award-winning producer and cinematographer in television and film. Best known for his 2020 documentary 40 Years a Prisoner on HBO, his docuseries Black Love (2017–2020) on OWN, and his feature film The Perfect Guy (2015), Oliver challenges audiences to question their assumptions about race, gender, and family. The film Kinyarwanda (2011), which Oliver co-produced, weaves together narratives of resilience during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. It won the Sundance Film Festival’s award for World Cinema Drama and was recognized as one of the top 10 films of 2011. This photograph is part of a broader portfolio of images taken during Black Lives Matter rallies in Los Angeles between May 31 and June 14, 2020.
A digital, color image of two unidentified protesters participating in the All Black Lives Matter march in Hollywood, California. The image was taken by Tommy Oliver during the protests that followed the death of George Floyd. The two protesters are standing side-by-side, facing the viewer, holding their respective protest signs above their heads. The protester on the left is holding up a black sign accented with rainbow colors along the edges, attached to a small wooden stake at the bottom. The sign has large, white, handwritten text on the front that reads [BLACK / TRANS / LIVES / MATTER]. To the left of the text is a white outlined illustration of a black power fist held upright. The protester is holding the stake with their proper left hand. Their proper right hand is resting at their side, holding a cell phone. The protester is wearing a navy blue, short sleeve T-shirt with a white Star of Life printed over their proper left breast. They are also wearing black shorts, white socks, a black baseball-style cap turned backwards, wraparound iridescent sunglasses, and a black face mask. The second protester, standing on the right, holds a protest sign aloft with both hands. The sign is white with black, red, and blue handwritten text reading [SAY THEIR NAMES]. Written in smaller, blue and red text on the left and right edges of the sign are the following names: [George Floyd / Breonna Taylor / Ahmaud Aubrey / Eric Garner / Michael Brown / Laquan McDonald / Bettie Jones / Pamela Turner / Eric Reason / Tony McDade] on the left, and [Rodney King / Dominique Clayton / Terrill Thomas / Philando Castile / Atatiana Jefferson / Walter Scott / Tamir Rice / Trayvon Martin / Ezell Ford] on the right. The protester is wearing a black, short sleeve T-shirt with white block text over the chest that reads [F[O?]STER / AD[O?]PT / RESCUE/ ADVOCATE / support your local rescue] and a black face mask. The two protesters are standing next to a double yellow line in the middle of a street. The background is crowded with other protesters, some of whom are wearing face masks and other types of protective face coverings, and some carrying protest signs. In the background is a city block lined with low buildings and leafy trees, set against a bright blue, cloudless sky.
African American  Search this
Activism  Search this
Gender  Search this
Identity  Search this
Justice  Search this
LGBTQ  Search this
Photography  Search this
Police brutality  Search this
Race relations  Search this
Resistance  Search this
U.S. History, 2001-  Search this
Urban life  Search this
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Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, Gift of Tommy and Codie Oliver
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© Tommy Oliver
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